Five Reasons No Romance For Meredith and Alex on Grey’s Anatomy

Grey's Anatomy Alex and Meredith May 17, 2019Grey's Anatomy Alex and Meredith

Grey’s Anatomy fans are constantly shipping characters with each other, but the Meredith Grey and Alex Karev shippers are really out of control. While we agree that Meredith and Alex have a great friendship and have been there for each other since day one, that doesn’t mean they should be in a relationship.

Here are the top five reasons Merlex should never happen on the long-running ABC show. See if our reasons make sense.

Spoken For
Alex (Justin Chambers) has been through his fair share of relationships over the years, but the bottom line is he’s better with Jo. He’s happy with her, she’s happy with him, and they’re in a stable marriage. Because Grey’s is a show that’s constantly breaking up couples, we like that they’ve stuck it out.

Meredith Needs To Have Fun
After spending over a decade with Derek, it’s nice to see Meredith have fun in a new relationship. Is DeLuca her soulmate? Probably not. But if she started dating Alex, things would move way too fast too quickly.

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Too Cliché
We’ve seen the “best friends who turn into lovers” storyline before. There are very few male-female friendships that stay platonic on television shows, so it’s nice to see that with Meredith (Ellen Pompeo) and Alex.

They’re BFFs
They are truly best friends. Even in the early seasons when Alex was not a very nice person and Meredith had Cristina, they always had each other’s backs. While some people think they have feelings for each other, they really just love one another as friends do.

It’s Complicated
Bottom line — it would ruin the show. Everything would become extremely complicated if Alex and Meredith decided to date, and the show is already complicated enough. Alex needs to just stay as Mer’s “person” and be Uncle Alex to her kids.

So are you still Team Merlex? Let us know what you think in the comments section below.

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