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Five Fast Facts About Emily On The Handmaid’s Tale


The Handmaid’s Tale is coming back in less than one month (get ready, folks!), which means it’s time to take a look back at some of our favorite characters.

Emily, who is played by Alexis Bledel, started the show as a background character, but she’s now one of the main people on the show with one of the biggest storylines. From her career before becoming a Handmaid to her dark side, here’s five fast facts about Emily!

Former Professor
Before being forced to become a Handmaid, Emily was a college professor and taught microbiology. She was of course forced to leave her job once Gilead forms.

Number of Names
Her name prior to becoming a Handmaid is of course Emily, but she has had a different name with every new house she’s joined. She has previously been known as Ofsteven, Ofroy, and Ofjoseph.

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Mom of One
The reason she is a Handmaid is because she gave birth to her son named Oliver. This is proof that she can have children, which is what everyone is so concerned about. However, she is forced to let her wife, Sylvia, take him to Canada, so they can escape the horrible regime in Gilead.

One thing’s for sure, Emily is not afraid to fight back against her oppressors. She killed a woman when she was at the Colonies because she used to be a Commander’s wife and she also tried to kill Aunt Lydia, though that attempt proved to be unsuccessful.

Free Woman
At the end of Season 2, we see Emily leaving Gilead with June’s (Elisabeth Moss) daughter, Nichole. Though we’re not sure if she actually reaches the border and makes it to Canada, there’s a good chance she’s about to be a free woman.

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