Five Fast Facts About Eleanor Shellstrop On The Good Place

The Good Place Eleanor Shellstrop July 3, 2019The Good Place Eleanor Shellstrop

Eleanor Shellstrop may have started out her time on The Good Place as not a very nice person, but over the last three seasons, she’s grown into quite a kind person. Not only does she put people’s feelings before her own, but she’s also now doing her best to make the world a better place.

From growing up in the Southwest to how she was tragically killed, here are five fast facts you need to know about Eleanor (Kristen Bell) on The Good Place before its fourth and final season gets underway!

In the Beginning 
Eleanor was born in Phoenix, Arizona, but she was actually raised in Tempe. However, by the time she dies, she’s moved back to Phoenix. She didn’t necessarily have the best upbringing and she was ignored as a child by her two parents, Donna and Doug. She had to spend a lot of time by herself.

Back in the World
Before dying and winding up in The Good Place, Eleanor was not a nice person at all. She decided to not take a great job because it meant she’d have to be friends with her co-workers. In fact, she became a salesperson for a sham pharmaceutical company that sold bad medicine to elderly people.

Death Becomes Her
Eleanor was ultimately killed after she was run over by a truck carrying erectile dysfunction pills. She was at the store buying margarita mix when it happened. Not to mention, one of the first EMTs on the scene after her accident was her ex-boyfriend.

Sexual Fluidity
Though it’s never explicitly said, it’s definitely implied that Eleanor is bisexual. Though she’s in love with Chidi (William Jackson Harper), she’s very open about her attraction to both men and women, including Tahani and Janet.

Hate List
One thing Eleanor is good at is revealing all of the things she hates with a burning passion. For starters, she is not a fan of jazz music at all and she also hates group activities, like office parties or baby showers. She also doesn’t like men who wear sandals and she’s really not good at receiving compliments.

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