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Find Out Why Tyler G. Was Sent Home From The Bachelorette

The Bachelorette May 28, 2019The Bachelorette

Word to the wise — don’t go on The Bachelorette unless you have a squeaky clean background! Tyler G, unfortunately, learned this lesson the hard way during last night’s episode of The Bachelorette, as he was mysteriously sent home during the episode.

Bachelorette star Hannah Brown decided to send Tyler home during one of the group dates but never specified her reasoning.

“Tyler G. had to leave, and that’s upsetting because I really enjoyed my date with him,” she said during the episode.

However, according to a Reddit post shared back in March, Tyler was sent home because of how he treated his ex-girlfriend.

“Posting this from a throwaway account because I’m an active poster and don’t want this tied to my account or friends,” the user shared.

“The story that most caught my attention involves his treatment of an ex. Apparently, he dated a really sweet girl but they would get in public screaming matches often. The relationship ended horrifically — while in Europe he SPIT ON HER and left.”

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The user then decided to share the post with Ashley Spivey, who is a former Bachelor contestant and is still in contact with producers. She reportedly passed the information along to the right people, who decided Tyler needed to be sent home.

Meanwhile, last night’s episode was full of drama thanks to Cam and Luke P. Not only was Cam frustrating the rest of the guys because he constantly wanted to spend time with the leading lady, but Brown was also forced to tell Luke to not be so possessive.

Drama aside, the guys did have fun on the big group date and got to pose for some hilarious photos with some interesting animals.

“Welcome to the jungle. who’s pumped for tonight’s wild episode?” Brown shared on Instagram along with photos from the date.

What did you think of last night’s episode? Are you surprised Tyler G. was sent home? Let us know what you think about the season in the comments section below!

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