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Dynasty 2017 Premiere Recap: The Carringtons Conquer Atlanta And Each Other

Dynasty Premiere RebootDynasty Premiere Reboot

After several decades in a 1980s time capsule, Dynasty is back, but this time on The CW instead of ABC. And, this time taking place in Atlanta instead of Denver.

Despite changes, over-the-top dynamics are still in play in 2017, particularly evident when daughter Fallon (Elizabeth Gilles) and son Steven (James Mackay) arrive at Carrington manor upon being summoned by Blake (Grant Show).

Fallon thinks she’s about to be made chief operating officer of her father’s empire. Steven, who has been doing good deeds abroad, is there because his dad commanded his presence.

Also on hand and taken by surprise by the Carrington kids as she’s taking a love tumble with Blake on his office desk is Krystal, who now spells her name Cristal. All are surprised to see each other in this awkward way, but dad ups the tension by telling his tribe that he and his employee are engaged.

That’s the initial welcome back set-up for this Dynasty reboot premiere that quickly picks up speed.

Highlights include Fallon’s sexual romp in the family limo with chauffeur Michael Culhane (Robert Christopher Riley).

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This happens prior to his undercover work spying on Cristal, who is also romantically involved with Matthew (Nick Wechsler), Blake’s married field agent. Cristal gets wind of the compromising situation, vanishing from her own engagement celebration/photo shoot.

No worries. Blake pulls his beloved back to the flower-strewn manor with the promise of the COO prize Fallon covets, as well as her immediate hand in marriage.

Cue this Dynasty reboot’s first (compulsory) cat fight as the Carrington daughter and her stepmother-to-be get into hair pulling and name calling that makes us feel like partying like it’s 1982.

Meanwhile, Matthew scouts a new location for Blake when a nasty explosion erupts, during which he apparently dies. This prompts his angry wife to show up and rage at Blake and Cristal as the just-married pair experience their honeymoon send-off.

There’s much more — like Steven’s hook-up with Cristal’s nephew Sammy Jo (see what happened there?) and a look into Cristal’s dark past by Anders the butler (Alan Dale) — but those storylines will keep for now.

Dynasty airs on The CW on Wednesdays at 9 p.m., ET.

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