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Chris Harrison Says Bachelor Colton Underwood’s Contestants Saw His Virginity As A “Trophy”

Chris Harrison The BachelorChris Harrison The Bachelor

Bachelor host Chris Harrison knows some contestants this season are out to take Colton Underwood’s virginity.

The season premiere aired on Monday, January 7, and the new Bachelor’s v-card was definitely the talk of the town.

Though some women were not phased by his virginity, it’s definitely been a talking point leading up to the season and now through the first episode.

“I don’t know how to delicately put this, but maybe there is a trophy to be taken out there, you know?” Chris told Entertainment Tonight.

“Much was made of the fact that he’s a virgin and we’re going to get to a much deeper, emotional level to the virginity and what it means and why and all that, but yeah, I think that early on the game was raised a little bit because of that.”

Despite the awkwardness of discussing one’s virginity, Chris says Colton’s not shy about discussing his personal life.

“I think you see that there was this maybe uncomfortable situation of, ‘How do the women approach that?’ One of the things I love about this show is pushing those social dilemmas and the social dynamics of this guy’s a virgin,” Chris shared.

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“[You’ll] see he’s not shy. He’s a virgin, but he’s definitely not shy. These are not virgin moves out there in the ocean.”

He continued, “Then you add on top of the fact that he’s a good guy, he’s a catch. Game on. Game definitely on.”

Virginity jokes aside, Chris also revealed the season will be full of emotional stories.

“All I will tease — there’s two stories that need to be told, but the people that tell the story, it is theirs to be told,” Chris explained.

“I’m not trying to tee this up and make it bigger than it really is, it’s just a very personal situation and it would not be right for me to tell this story for either one of them.”

Chris continued, “They just let go and they tell these really personal stories and it really breaks the season and it breaks Colton wide open. That’s where, to me, we had this huge discernible shift in the show, in the emotion of the show and the direction it took.”

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