Caelynn Miller-Keyes Responds To Getting Death Threats: ‘That’s Not OK’

Caelynn Miller-KeyesCaelynn Miller-Keyes

Caelynn Miller-Keyes has a strong message for those trolls out there! The Bachelor contestant took to Instagram earlier this week to hit back at the haters who have been sending her threatening messages following her time on the show.

“Looking at the trolls like… We live in a world where we never do anything right. Ever. Everyone always has an opinion,” she wrote.

“This experience has been so incredibly difficult. This show is super easy to make fun of, I get it, but viciously tearing people down is absolutely disgusting. Girls on my season are getting death threats, I’m getting told to go kill myself. That’s not OK.”

While she understands she maybe didn’t do everything right while on the show, the hateful comments have not been kind.

“You can have your opinions, but keep the extra hurtful comments to yourself. The internet can be very dark, and instead of feeding into it, try taking a step back,” she explained. “

We are real people. These emotions are real. You’re watching a TV show, but we felt all of these feelings in a very intense way. Remember that the next time you go to someone’s page to tear them down.”

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Miller-Keyes also opened up about telling her sexual assault story while on The Bachelor and how open she felt around Colton Underwood.

“I’m always scared to open up with anyone about this, whether it be a relationship, whether it be a friendship, just because people do freeze,” she told Us Weekly.

“And I get it. It’s a hard thing, a hard topic to talk about and a hard thing to tackle. But Colton was just so… He was warm, he was comforting and he told me, ‘You’re safe with me.’”

She continued, “And that was the most important thing and I think that’s what every survivor needs to hear after going through something like that is safe and he was able to give me that.”

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