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The Big Bang Theory Recap: Who’s The Bridezilla Anyway?

The Big Bang Theory RecapThe Big Bang Theory Recap

If there’s one thing wrong with The Big Bang Theory it’s that the scintillating egghead sitcom is peppered with laugh track outbursts. Honestly, these edited-in audio insertions just aren’t necessary.

Anyway, that point is moot since the laughs at home come without provocation. That is particularly true on the October 10 episode when Sheldon (Jim Parsons) goes way beyond obsessing about his forthcoming wedding to Amy (Mayim Bialik).

“Shamy,” as this couple is now referred to by certain fans, haven’t set a date for their impending nuptials and that has Dr. Cooper really overthinking the situation. He has narrowed it down to literally dozens of acceptable dates, at least one of which took place in the past.

Most of the episode sees the groom-to-be out of whack by this seemingly tiny detail. However, in his dreams, Sheldon takes everything in his life with a proverbial grain of salt. Indeed, he lives with an ease he has never known in real life.

Amy is shocked. She catches her man as he talks in his sleep while under the influence of the alternate Sheldon who can, for instance, say without remorse slang words like “whatev” without even thinking about the absence of the final “r”.

He can also go with the flow about other aspects of life such as his breakfast cereal. When his regular box is empty, he must shift his usual routine’s gears and accept a different brand and another flavor. No problem.

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To cut to the chase, after Sheldon goes from panic mode to panic mode during all waking hours, he comes to realize that maybe his dreams are trying to tell him something — like maybe he should try to change.

That light bulb moment leads to disaster when this excessively idiosyncratic guy buys some flip flops, risking germs and all kinds of bad stuff that the regular Sheldon couldn’t possibly withstand.

The outcome? He returns to the apartment a total mess and decides to hand the whole wedding detail over to Amy. That said, there’s only one deal breaker Sheldon insists upon while turning over the reigns to Amy: He WILL wear a Star Trek uniform underneath his tuxedo on the day they are wed.

So there you have it. The former groomzilla is now off the case as Amy, with stars in her eyes, mentions that her dream wedding will be in June, that it will take place in Malibu and that the pair will exchange their vows outdoors while standing at the edge of a dramatic cliff.

Sound feasible? Not totally. In fact, Sheldon kind of puts the kabash on this whole serene scene when he mutters, not necessarily to himself: “Outdoor wedding…I know what I’ll be using that cliff for.”

The Big Bang Theory airs Mondays at 8 p.m., ET., on CBS.


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