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Bachelorette Star Rachel Lindsay Wasn’t Offered A Televised Wedding

The Bachelorette Rachel LindsayThe Bachelorette Rachel Lindsay

Sorry Bachelorette fans — Rachel Lindsay and Bryan Abasolo are not going to be getting married on-screen.

Though the couple is planning on getting married fairly soon, they were not offered a televised wedding.

“It just wasn’t offered to us, and that’s nothing personal. It’s like, scheduling, timing, money, all of that,” Rachel told People.

“Now I’m like, ‘Oh my God, I have to plan this myself.’ And I’ve never been the girl who wanted to plan this huge major wedding. I wanted to wear pants. I wanted to go to a courthouse.”

In fact, Rachel is hoping to have a very intimate ceremony with just their family and close friends in attendance.

“I want very small, family for sure, close friends. I’m going to hurt a lot of feelings, but it’s going to be what we want,” she said.

“I want to spend the rest of my life with a person, I’ve found that person, and I don’t think that I need to take a year to plan a wedding to show everybody that.”

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After finding love with each other on television, the couple is stronger than ever out in the real world.

“The way we found love, okay, that was public, but the way that we continue our love is very close-knit to us. It’s goofy, it’s silly, it’s honest, it’s open. We are very much so a yin and yang,” she said.

“I’m a lot. I’m a big personality. I’m animated. That’s what dramatic people like to say, and he is reserved and such a good balance for me.”

She continued, “I’m a big personality, but he checks me when I need to be checked, and we just vibe in a way that I can’t explain.”

Though they are both very busy and are forced to spend time apart, they always make the most of the time they do have together!

“A perfect date night for us is staying indoors, ordering food, having a drink, being there with our dog, and just doing things away from everybody else,” she said.

“And we have great sex, I’m sorry. We do. We’re very passionate people, I think you saw that between us on the show, and it’s just important to keep that alive.”

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