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Bachelorette Star Joe Amabile Almost Breaks DWTS Partner Jenna Johnson’s Back!

The Bachelorette Joe AmabileThe Bachelorette Joe Amabile

Bachelorette star Joe Amabile had his best Dancing With the Stars performance yet this week, but it also almost caused a serious injury.

Joe’s dance partner, Jenna Johnson, opened up about the week with Us Weekly and even revealed she nearly broke her back!

The pair crushed their Halloween-inspired Argentine Tango, even landing Joe his very first 8.

“He danced so great; this was by far Joe’s best dance. I was so happy for him, especially since the judges were very complimentary, and he just had an epic performance,” she said.

“I think this was great for his confidence going into the next week for Country Week. We didn’t want to beat around the bush. We did a pure Argentine tango, he remembered the steps and executed them really well.”

However, during the dance, Joe accidentally grabbed Jenna’s hips in the wrong place and almost seriously injured her.

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“During the last five seconds of the dance, Joe grabbed my hips in a bit of a wrong position. It was correct, but it wasn’t all the way around my waist and I knew that if I flipped over, I was probably going to die,” she said.

“I just was like, it’s Halloween night and I have to take one for the team, so I just went for it. I borderline broke my back, but I feel great.”

She continued, “Somehow, we landed it, and I think it just made it more surprising and shocking.”

Despite nearly suffering a horrible injury, things worked out OK in the end for the pair.

“Sometimes, mistakes are beautiful perfections. If something goes wrong on live TV and someone’s not used to performing or isn’t a dancer, it’s really hard to come back from that,” she said.

What did you think of Joe and Jenna’s performance this week?

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