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Bachelorette Couple JoJo Fletcher & Jordan Rodgers Discuss How Many Kids They Want

The Bachelorette JoJo FletcherThe Bachelorette JoJo Fletcher

Former Bachelorette JoJo Fletcher is happily engaged to fiancé Jordan Rodgers, which means they’re thinking about the future.

And for them, the future means… babies! Though they have yet to set a wedding date, they know that they want to start a family relatively soon.

The happy couple sat down with JoJo’s parents for their show, Engaged With JoJo and Jordan, to discuss their relationship and how many kids they want to have.

“I’m looking forward to more! Every day there are new pictures, I think they’re marvelous and I wish I could squeeze them every day,” JoJo’s dad said about his grandkids.

JoJo added, “Well, you know, mom keeps saying, I’m ready for you guys to have one!”

JoJo is not planning on having children before she ties the knot, but they definitely want to have a large family.

“We’re gonna have seven kids,” Jordan revealed, to which JoJo exclaimed, “What?! Seven kids?”

As far as wedding planning goes, JoJo recently told Us Weekly that she wouldn’t say no to a televised wedding, but it would have to be done on her terms.

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“I would never say no, never, but I think it’s very important that, if it was a televised wedding, that it stays true and organic to us,” she shared.

“We would never do a wedding that was just filled with a bunch of Bachelor people that we don’t even know, because that’s not us.”

She continued, “But, if we could have it the exact way that we’d want it to be, and allow people to see it as well, then I would say yes.”

Despite not having a wedding date set, JoJo is not in any rush.

“People are waiting on it, but what I have learned in life is that you can’t do anything for other people,” she said.

“We’re very secure and happy in our situation… It’s funny because we talk about life like we’re already married.”

She continued, “It’s so weird. I forget that there’s that major step that’s there, something that, obviously, I can’t wait for. I can’t wait for my wedding day when it is that day.”

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