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Bachelor Star Amanda Stanton Splits From Boyfriend Bobby Jacobs

Amanda Stanton Bobby JacobsAmanda Stanton Bobby Jacobs

Former Bachelor star Amanda Stanton and her boyfriend, Bobby Jacobs, have officially split. Though the Bachelor in Paradise alum has yet to confirm the news, Jacobs did confirm the breakup on his Instagram page on Friday, April 5.

The 33-year-old addressed rumors after one fan wrote a very lengthy comment on a recent Instagram post. “Did she cheat? I just can’t understand how y’all can go from being soulmates, talks of getting engaged soon, you being a father figure, buying a house together, to suddenly broken up and deleting all pics of her from your page.”

She continued, “I don’t get it! She must have cheated! Or you did. If not, WORK IT OUT, For your sake and for the sake of those girls! You are no doubt breaking their little hearts!! Relationships are NOT a walk in the park. Work through your problems, see a couples counselor. Don’t just give up. Seriously.”

Jacobs then responded to the fan’s comment and confirmed the split, but he wanted to make one thing crystal clear — there was no infidelity.

“There was no cheating. I’d always be there for the girls and I’ve voice that many a time. Coming from having a deadbeat Dad I’ve chosen to live my life nothing like him. They touched my heart and vice versa. No matter what I’ll always be around for them.”

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He also responded to a commenter who asked if he split with Stanton because of her recent hacker situation. “Not at all,” he replied.

This comes just a couple of days after Stanton revealed a hacker had stolen nude photos from her doctor. Not to mention, the 28-year-old mother of two just moved into a new home with Jacobs and was excited about the potential of getting married and having more children.

“After my last couple relationships, I was so discouraged. I also had this feeling like, ‘OK, I’m 28 and I’m single. But I also have two kids, so I’m in no hurry to find someone,’” she told Us Weekly back in March.

“When Bobby and I first started dating, I bailed on him a few times, because dating wasn’t really a priority for me. But as soon as we met, I instantly liked him. I hope that we’ll get married and have another baby.”

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