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Bachelor Contestant Brie Comes Clean About Her Fake Australian Accent

The Bachelor Colton UnderwoodThe Bachelor Colton Underwood

Brie, who introduced herself to Bachelor Colton Underwood with an Australian accent, has finally come clean.

The Los Angeles native took the world — or at least Bachelor Nation — by storm when she put on her best Australian accent to impress the 26-year-old.

She’s not really from down under, but the accent had completely fooled Colton.

And, while she probably could have kept up the charade for a long time, she decided to tell the truth about her accent on night one.

In fact, she spilled the beans during her first one-on-one interaction with Colton.

“Oh, crikey mate!” she says in the deleted clip before speaking in her real accent.

“So I came up to you with an Australian accent earlier. I don’t know if you noticed, I’m not actually Australian.”

She continued “My Australian accent is, like, kind of an ice-breaker. I’ll just start talking like I’m from Australia and it’s really fun.”

Brie knew she needed something to stand out among the other contestants and the Australian accent was the perfect way to do it!

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“The Australian accent is definitely fun,” she shared.

“I like to show a light-hearted side of me, so Australian Brie comes in and out.”

Needless to say, Colton was completely shocked and loved that Brie came up with something creative.

“So have you even spent time in Australia?” Colton asked.

“I’ve never been, I would love to go, but it’s my favorite accent.”

The other good news is the fake accent didn’t prevent Brie from getting a rose night one, so this girl is definitely come back this week!

What did you think of Brie using a fake Australian accent? Did she go too far with the lie or was it just enough to get Colton’s attention? Let us know what you think about it!

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