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Worst Of 2019 Soap Operas: The Worst Stories Of The Year

Soap Operas Worst 2019 StorySoap Operas Worst 2019 Story

Soap operas are known for dropping some huge stories that just go thud as soon as they hit. And 2019 was no exception. Some stories started with steam and fizzled out while others we knew would never work from the start. Here’s the worst of Days of Our Lives, The Bold and the Beautiful, General Hospital, and The Young and the Restless.

Soap Operas: The Worst Of The Year

From science fiction memory transfers to a faked death for no apparent reason that we all knew wasn’t true, here are the worst stories of the year.

Days of Our Lives: Jack For Mayor

In a world where political outsiders can rise to the presidency, we guess in Salem a former political insider with no memory of that life can become mayor. One had to ask at first, who would vote for an amnesiac mayor who had to be told who he was before returning to Salem? Well, apparently, a lot of people did.

This was all tied into an immigration story that was resolved with speed. Jack (Matthew Ashford) and Eve (Kassie DePaiva) targeted a young Asian nurse named Haley (Thia Megia), we learned DA Trask was her mother and not her sister in soap-ish fashion, and as soon as she was deported, she no sooner returned to Salem legally because her mother pulled some strings. Why couldn’t this happen BEFORE Haley got in legal trouble?

As for Jack, he got his memory back and ceased being mayor. Then, he spent the next year we never got to see caring for a comatose Jennifer (Melissa Reeves).

General Hospital: Memory Mapping

This story had some fascinating aspects to it when we learned who Patients 1-5 were and it involved twins, but when we learned all of this memory transfer activity happened with electrode wires on the forehead and what looked like an old DOS computer program, we were ready for it to end before it began.

But nope, we had to suffer through Franco’s (Roger Howarth) version of Drew (Billy Miller) having a southern accent, having a rotten personality, and sleeping with Kim because apparently Kim (Tamara Braun) was crazy all along. (Not telling your teenage son he has cancer for two years was our tip-off.)

In our GH Christmas miracle, Dranco had the procedure produced and woke up as Franco, asked for some cafeteria food, and all was right in the Friz world again.

The Young and the Restless: Victor’s Fake Death

Victor Newman dead? Yeah, we don’t think so and we didn’t think so. But a lot of fans did. Hey, the whole family was in mourning, but of course, it was all an act. Except for Summer (Hunter King). Nobody bothered to tell Summer that Granddad wasn’t really dead, which wasn’t really nice.

Then, out of nowhere, Victor (Eric Braeden) was alive, he had it out with Adam (who he was trying to prove was out to kill him), he let Adam (Mark Grossman) run off to Vegas, revealed himself, and was suddenly cured of the blood disease that ailed him. Why did The Young and the Restless want us to sit through this story? We don’t know.

The Bold and the Beautiful: Katie’s Kidney Transplant

One day Katie (Heather Tom) was fine. The next day she was on the floor on death’s door, rushed to the hospital, and learned she needed a kidney transplant. Never mind this woman had already had a heart transplant.

Of course, she was saved by none other than Flo (Katrina Bowden), her newly-found niece who was a match. This story was clearly saved to redeem baby-napper accomplice Flo, but then Flo took off due to the actress’s schedule and we wondered what happened. Let’s hope we see better on our soap operas in the coming year.

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