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Women Behind Bars: Should Bonnie Be Sent Back To Prison on Days of Our Lives?

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On Days of Our Lives, Bonnie has spent a good chunk of her life in prison. She pops out periodically, mostly to mess with lookalike Adrienne’s (Judi Evans) life. On the last go-around, Bonnie ended up sleeping with Lucas (Bryan Dattilo) and going on the run.

When she was finally caught, she played her trump card – Baby Bonnie – the child she claimed she and Lucas conceived during that one, drunken night.

A paternity test backed up Bonnie’s claim, and now she had a weapon to convince soft touch Adrienne not to throw her back in the slammer. Well, she coerced Lucas into talking Adrienne into it.

But, is prison where Bonnie belongs? What almost 4,000 law and order types had to say.

Latest Sins
Bonnie put Adrienne through hell, 69% assert and, baby or no baby, she deserves to be in jail for that.

Especially now that we know the little girl isn’t even Bonnie’s but Mimi’s (Farah Fath). The woman isn’t just a con artist and a thief, she’s a kidnapper. Lock her up and throw away the key!

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Public Interest
Locking up Bonnie for all of her past crimes – and in anticipation of future ones – would be a public service, 16% of you lay down the law. She may have done time for some crimes, but you’re pretty sure there are a bunch nobody even knows about. It’s not like anyone will miss her.

Not Guilty
Then again, 15% recall, Bonnie didn’t actually commit the murder she was sent up the (Salem) river for. As Bonnie keeps reminding her, that was Mimi. With Bonnie already having served time for a crime she didn’t commit, it’s only fair she not serve for the one she did commit.

Besides, she’s more fun on the outside. And, without her, what chance does Lucas have for a story?

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