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Will Eric Stay In Salem?

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Days Of Our Lives welcomes home a favorite son, as Eric (Greg Vaughan) returns – and runs smack-dab into trouble. Seems Eric has been released from jail, after being sentenced for accidentally killing Daniel.

But Eric has been keeping his distance from his family, mom Marlena, dad Roman, and the rest of the Brady bunch, because he doesn’t feel he’s been punished enough.

Will his encounter with Hope make him feel that he has? Over 6000 of you had this to say:

Home Sweet Home
Eric may have been absent for a good part of the teen-age Sami years (leading fans to wonder why she got to come home while her twin didn’t), but he’s been an on-again/off-again presence in Salem since the late 1990s, and the canvas feels empty without him.

49% of you would like to seem him stick around town even after the Hope (Kristian Alfonso) situation is settled, and maybe look up a few familiar faces while he’s at it.

Hope Spring Eternal
Eric is a nice guy. He even went through a priest phase, that’s how nice he is. When he found an injured Hope, he instinctively rushed in to help (he takes after both his biological dad, and the guy who he grew up thinking was his biological dad, in that way).

But Eric is hiding out for a reason, and that reason is penance. 33% of fans suspect that he’ll stay until Hope is out of danger, then take off again.

Shock and Awe
And then there are the 17% of viewers who think Hope is just the beginning. They expect Eric to be shocked to find out about Holly. But the big question is: What’s he going to do about it?

Since Eric still feels guilty about Daniel’s death, will he feel responsible for his late friend’s child? And what about Eric’s feelings for Nicole (Arianne Zucker)? Does he still have some? And how will learning about Holly play into that?

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