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Days of Our Lives Wild Speculation: What If Maggie Is Really Vivian?

Maggie Days of Our LivesMaggie Days of Our Lives

Nicole isn’t the only one who isn’t herself these days on Days of Our Lives — Maggie also seems to be a little out of whack — though for a totally different reason. Or,

is it totally different?

As we learned recently from spoilers, Nicole (Arianne Zucker) isn’t Nicole at all — she’s really Kristen (Stacy Haiduk) and has been wearing a Nicole mask since her return last month. But Maggie (Suzanne Rogers) hasn’t been acting herself either and we can’t help but think it might be more than the alcohol.

Sure, Maggie is an alcoholic so it would make sense that a fall off the wagon would have her on edge and not acting like herself. But what if she actually isn’t herself and is really Vivian Alamain (rumored to be who Robin Strasser will play soon) wearing a Maggie mask? Kristen could have arranged it since Vivian was one of her patients at the cave clinic.

Vivian’s fondest wish would probably be to have Victor (John Aniston) all to herself and see her arch enemy (and the one who supposedly shot her dead) Kate (Lauren Koslow) pay.

Of course, it’s quite possible that off-the-spool Maggie truly is just Maggie off the wagon. She doesn’t even need the added bonus of being Vivian to make the crazy come out if she’s drinking again. After all, Maggie has been sober for so many years.

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Then again, Victor’s machinations would be enough to drive anyone to drink — and add to that all the losses poor Maggie has suffered over the years and it was probably was only a matter of time before she was pushed to the brink of her sobriety.

We’d just like to think she’s safe somewhere safe (but probably tied down), cooling her jets, and blissfully unaware of the hot mess that a masked Vivian is causing back in Salem.

It would also be good for her not to be burdened by the fake news that Holly has died when her granddaughter is very much alive somewhere. Oh! What if THAT is where Holly was taken — she’s with the real Maggie?! Stay tuned to find out if our wild speculation comes true.

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