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Eli has been a busy bee on Days of Our Lives (DOOL), bedding Lani on Christmas Eve and then Gabi a few weeks later.

Lani (Sal Stowers) ended up pregnant from the unfortunate one-night-stand, pretty much guaranteeing that the evening they wanted to never speak of again will eventually come to light in the most horrific of ways.

Because as everyone knows, secrets can never be revealed in a delicate fashion in daytime. No, when they get revealed, they blow everybody’s lives up. So as Lani’s bump gets bigger with the baby she hopes to pass off as JJ’s (Casey Moss), what if there’s another baby on the way?

After all, Eli and Gabi (Camila Banus) just took their relationship to the next level and started sleeping together. Could Eli end up with two babies only weeks apart in age?

If that does happen, what story might happen down the road? Will there be a medical episode for one of the babies only the other will be able to solve–meaning will one baby be sacrificed to save its sibling?

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But, is there really a chance that this paternity secret could really stay undiscovered until the babies are born? After all, Valerie (Vanessa Williams) now knows that Eli and Lani slept together and that Lani is pregnant. Kayla knows as well, being Lani’s doctor.

Chances are the minute Eli learns Lani is pregnant, he’ll put two and two together – he is a detective after all. But would finding out Gabi’s also pregnant be the only thing that would keep him from claiming his child?

Remember, this is only a theory, but stranger things have happened many, many times in the world of soaps.

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