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Heartbreaking Heroines: Which One Is Salem’s Finest?

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Days of Our Lives has some of the most popular heroines in daytime, given the show’s penchant for supercouples! But which one is your favorite these days?

Soap Hub asked which leading lady is top choice and the answer may — or may not — surprise you!

She Never Stops Crying, But You Love Her Anyway
Winning in a landslide with 70% of the vote is Nicole, played by Emmy-nominated actress Arianne Zucker.

Perhaps viewers are throwing their support for Nicole because they know her days in Salem are numbered since Zucker has announced her exit from the show.

Another factor could be all the turmoil that Nicole has endured over her the years. She’s lost one love after another, arguably, most tragically the death of her beloved Daniel.

On top of that, she stands to lose their daughter Holly, too, now that she’s returned to Salem and has been arrested for taking a child out of the state.

Forever Hope

Coming in second with a respectable 15% of the vote is Hope Brady, played by Emmy-nominee Kristian Alfonso. Hope’s been a fan favorite since she re-emerged on the Salem scene in ’80s in the capable hands of her current portrayer.

Perhaps Hope would have earned even higher marks if she were in great turmoil like when the unpredictable Aiden was on the scene? Or if Bo were to return?

The Docs Still Have It
Coming in third with 7% of the votes is Marlena, played by Deidre Hall, another Emmy nominee. Again, her score would likely have been higher if Marlena had a frontburner storyline. Let’s hope she gets one when the new writing regime’s material starts airing this summer!

Next is Kayla with 4% of the vote. Kayla, played by Emmy-winner Mary Beth Evans, has seen plenty of conflict lately, but the one solid constant in her life is her happy relationship with Steve aka “Patch.”

Perhaps, if Kayla’s marriage were in trouble, she’d get more votes!

Coming in last was Jennifer, played by Melissa Reeves, another Emmy-nominee. Jen frets and frets about her kids, but, like Hope, she suffers from not having a big romance in her life or the top leading man fans want her with.

We’re sure that Jennifer’s ranking in a poll like this would skyrocket if and when her beloved Jack were able to make a return from the dead. Given the number of people who manage to pull off that miracle on soaps, we can only hope that it’s a matter of time before Jack’s back!

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