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Who’s ‘DAYS’ Newest Supercouple for 2017?

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What would the Days of Our Lives be if love didn’t make the world go round? This is the show that once delivered supercouple after supercouple, to the point where you couldn’t think of one without the other (and this was before cute smushed names were all the rage). So who’ll be the breakout pairing of 2017? Over 7000 of you told us whom you were rooting for:

Death Not Be Proud (or Valid)
In the real world, the death of one half of a couple would put a definite crimp in the love proceedings. On soaps, it’s a minor hiccough, at worst. Sure, Abby (Marci Miller) is presumed dead, and Chad (Billy Flynn) took off his ring, vowing to go on with his life. Eh, 82% of Chabby shippers aren’t letting that stop them.

They know that Abby is alive, and they want her back with Chad and baby Thomas, pronto. That Chad and Gabi kiss meant nothing. He won’t even remember it once he sees his beloved wife back from the dead. In Salem, that’s practically a rite of passage!

Jab and Go
Gabi (Camila Banus) agrees. That kiss meant nothing. It’s why she’s back with JJ (Casey Moss). Again. And that’s right where 11% of you want her.


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Didn’t Gabi learn her lesson from the disasterous relationship with Will? He wanted someone else then, and so does Chad now. Sure, JJ may have cheated, but, uh, his heart was in the right place? If not his other body parts….

Tall, Dark and Shady
Chad isn’t exactly Mr. Clean. He is a DiMera, after all. But he still comes off as an upstanding citizen next to Dario (Jordi Vilasuso), for whom dimly lit alleys appear to be his natural habitat. Though maybe that’s precisely the appeal for 5% of fans. And for Abby…

And Then There’s….
Who got all 2% of the Other votes? Why, Chad and Gabi! Maybe Abby and JJ do have something to worry about, after all….

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