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The Teen Scene on Days of our Lives Needs THIS!

Days of our Lives with Theo Claire CiaraDays of our Lives with Theo Claire Ciara

Days of Our Lives’ last big teen scene was so popular – Shawn, Claire, Philip, Chloe, Brady – that some of those same characters are still driving story today, or have teen kids of their own representing in Salem.

As we head into summer (on soaps, spring is when you set up your summer stories) is it time for the latest batch of youngsters to take center stage and bring back the glory days of Hope (Kristian Alfonso) and Bo, Jennifer (Melissa Reeves) and Jack… or even that trouble-making teen, Julie (Susan Seaforth Hayes)?

(You know that son, David, they all suddenly remembered? He’s the product of her affair with a married man!) Here’s what over 6000 viewers had to say about today’s teens:

Step Up!
More than half of you, 52%, to be exact, have no problem with watching teens. But you demand some better stories for them! Chase and Ciara (Vivian Jovanni) was a bust, as TPTB turned one of the few boys on the canvas not related to the main leading ladies into a rapist.

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And Theo’s (Kyler Pettis) autism seems to come and go as the story demands, so he doesn’t feel like a very strong presence either, despite his being neither a Horton nor a Brady making him a hot dating prospect, as well. The pieces are all there. But, the next move is up to the show.

Back It Up
But if the teens aren’t going to do anything interesting – what, exactly, is Claire’s (Olivia Rose Keegan) deal; what does she want? – then 44% of fans would prefer them being shoved to the back burner, where, at least, they’ll be out of the way of the grown up stories you do want to see.

Act Up
And then there are the 3% of you have your own suggestion: Whether they’re on the front burner or the back, what DOOL needs to do something about the teens in Salem!

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