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Which Member of Victor’s Family Did He Let Down the Most?!

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The news that Victor Kiriakis wanted to retire and turn over the reins of Titan grabbed the interest of his family on Days of Our Lives.

Each one felt like they had the right and the experience to take over the company. But, Victor (John Aniston) had someone else in mind. He chose Deimos (Vincent Irizarry) to run things, causing an uproar with the younger members of their household. Soap Hub asked who you feel Victor let down the most and you certainly wanted to have your voice heard!

Prodigal Son
After almost 14,500 votes were tallied, 64% believe Philip (John-Paul Lavoisier) was the one who got screwed the most. This was the perfect chance for Victor to make things up to Philip – and boy does he need to do that. But instead, Victor chose a man his son despises to be his boss. You can’t get much lower than that and yet – here we are. You know that Philip deserves so much better from those around him, but he always seems to get the shaft.

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The Grandson
It seems that 26% believe Brady (Eric Martsolf) has the experience and know-how to run Titan. After all, he grew up in the company and knows so much about it. You can’t believe that his grandfather would overlook all of his contributions and give it to that no-good brother of his instead. Brady would have done an amazing job, and it could have been a great wedding gift after he marries Theresa (Jen Lilley).

The Grandnephew
Still, 10% think Sonny (Freddie Smith) deserved the position. He is such a good soul and could have done very well by the company and his family. He doesn’t have any enemies and could have easily engaged in partnerships around town since he’s so respected. You think Victor really did wrong by him – and blew a chance to be forward-thinking in his choice of new leadership for Titan.

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