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A ‘Tripp’ Off the Old Block on Days of Our Lives (DOOL)?

Days of Our Lives

On Days of Our Lives (DOOL), Steve was “dead” and consequently not around while the two children he knew about, Stephanie and Joey, were growing up.

So he shouldn’t feel so bad about the one he didn’t know about — Tripp — suffering the same fate.

Then again, Stephanie and Joey had Kayla (Mary Beth Evans) for a mother, while Tripp had Ava for the bad DNA, and his loving adoptive mother died when he was young, leaving him with an abusive adoptive dad.

Hey, does that story sound familiar to anyone? Is Tripp a chip off the old Johnson block? And will he follow the same path?

Early Days
When we first met Steve (Stephen Nichols), he was a street thug working for Victor and Savannah, whose greatest hits involved terrorizing a blind Kimberly and tying up Hope, telling her he had a pan of acid balanced above her head.

But then “Patch” took a brave stance on a very controversial issue: Nazis are bad.

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He helped expose a World War II criminal hiding in Salem, and, at roughly the same time, we learned he’d been an abused child, whose saddest memory was having to say goodbye to his baby bother when his mom gave “Billy” up for adoption and left little Steve in foster care.

Aw…. Well, that changes everything! Forget all the crappy stuff he’s done! Steve’s slate has been wiped clean. He’s good now! And 65% of you expect the same to happen with Tripp (Lucas Adams). You hope he sticks around Salem long enough for you to watch it happen.

Situation Depending
Steve’s brother Billy grew up to be Jack. He was a spoiled, rich, entitled rapist (his adoptive dad was revealed as a serial killer, and Anjelica was his stepmother).

But then Jennifer (Melissa Reeves) fell in love with him and, like Steve, he got a fresh start as a romantic lead. Although fans are open to it happening with Tripp, if it doesn’t, 23% aren’t interested in seeing him any other way.

Get Lost
And then there’s the 12% of the audience that doesn’t expect Tripp to follow in Steve’s footsteps, because they don’t think he’s anything like Steve, who grew up deprived, which is what put that chip on his shoulder. Tripp was just indulged. He needs to go!

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