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Tot Swap: Is David Really Jordan’s Baby on Days Of Our Lives?

Lani and Jordan Days of Our LivesLani and Jordan Days of Our Lives

All that time that Jordan was kidnapping Ciara and baby Charlotte on Days Of Our Lives, she never once even hinted that she had a baby of her own.

But then Jordan (Chrishell Hartley) was caught, Charlotte was returned to Abigail (Kate Mansi) and Chad (Billy Flynn), and, while she was shipped off to the looney bin, Jordan suddenly started fretting about her baby boy, David, who she claimed was with a friend in California, Rafe (Galen Gering) had to go get him for her RIGHT NOW.

Oh, since Jordan is currently in said loony bin, could Rafe look after Baby David, too. Cool. But, fans are smelling something fishy. Is little David even Jordan’s child? How almost 3000 voted:

Baby Napper
What, 70% of the audience challenges, you think Charlotte was the first tot Jordan made off with? She seemed awfully comfortable with the whole kidnapping thing. Obviously, David is another infant Jordan snatched for her own reasons.

And what might those reasons be? Well, first, she’s stark, raving crazy. And second, she and Rafe were romantically involved before Jordan left Salem. She knows that, eventually, even a dolt like Rafe will start to wonder whether the child might be his. And then Jordan will have Rafe right where she wants him.

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Good Genes
What would the point of David be — save someone for Lani (Sal Stowers) to goo-goo ga-ga over — the remaining 30% wonder, if he’s not Jordan’s… and Rafe’s?

Think of the dramatic possibilities of Rafe finally getting the biological child he’s always wanted. Hope (Kristian Alfonso) has made it clear she’s done raising children. But Lani has really bonded with the boy. Rafe can get a ready-made family.

And dump whiny stepdaughter Coara (Victoria Konafal) in the bargain. Of course, he’ll also get Jordan… for life.

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