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Top 10 DAYS Super Couples of all Time

Days of our Lives couplesDays of our Lives couples

Shawn and Belle

Shawn and Belle grew up together, so it was only natural that they fell in love. However, like any other super couple, outside forces kept them apart like Belle’s best friend, Mimi. They eventually had daughter, Claire, and then eventually wed and left Salem together to raise their daughter.

Shane and Kim
Kim was an ex-prostitute and Shane was an ISA agent, and the two fell in love solving crimes. After they married, they had Andrew and Jeanne, but eventually Shane was presumed dead and Kim went on. Of course, Shane was not dead and they reunited and stay together, as they try to keep daughter Jeanne (now calling herself Teresa) from ruining her life again and again.

Doug and Julie
Young Julie Banning fell for ex-conman Doug Williams and her life was never the same. Of course, her mother also fell for him and Doug and Addie married and had baby Hope (of Hope and Bo fame). After Addie was killed by an oncoming car, Doug and Julie finally married and have stayed married in the decades since. Even the actors who play them remain married, Bill and Susan Seaforth Hayes.

Tom and Alice
They may have been older and eventually old, but Tom and Alice’s love lasted through “Days” decades until Tom died of natural causes. The pair raised a family, worked together at the hospital, and never stopped being Salem’s voice of reason

John and Marlena
Marlena originally thought the man who called himself John Black was her late husband, Roman Brady, so they remarried and John lived as Roman for years, even after Marlena was thought dead. John eventually realized he wasn’t Roman (but still has not figured out who he really is), but by then Marlena was in love with John and the pair went on to marry again after baby Belle was born. They have been on-again, off-again for years, but on-again can always happen…

Jack and Jennifer
Jennifer was the intrepid intern reporter at The Salem Spectator and Jack was its owner/publisher. Together, they investigated stories and fell in love. Of course, emotionally-stunted Jack had a hard time admitting this. When he did, he kidnapped Jenn on the back of a fire truck when she almost married Emilio. The pair eventually married—twice—but Jack’s wayward ways couldn’t keep them together.

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Steve and Kayla
He was called “Patch” due to the eye patch he wore after losing his eye in a knife fight and he called her “Sweetness” cause, well, she was really sweet. This did not seem like a match made in heaven, but in heaven it sure was. After marrying and having baby Stephanie, Kayla thought Steve truly died. It was way over a decade till she found he was really alive and they attempted life together again.

Sami and E.J.

Samantha Brady was lucky enough to have two great loves of her life. E.J. broke up Sami and Lucas many times and Sami had to finally admit she loved E.J. and married him (several times). They were ready to try life again as a family when E.J. was suddenly shot and killed in 2014.

Sami and Lucas
They were the perfect match from their teen years. Sami wanted Lucas’ brother, Austin, and Lucas wanted Sami’s sister, Carrie. Austin and Carrie were together, so Sami and Lucas schemed. Then, Sami and Lucas ended up in bed and nine months later, Will was born. It was on again, off again for years and marriages. It’s not off again, but one never knows…

Bo and Hope
For more than 30 years, Bo and Hope have fascinated “Days” fans. From their first kiss at a July 4th kissing booth and Bo’s declaration of love on Hope’s 18th birthday to their 2014 divorce, viewers have clamored for “Brady” and “Fancy Face” to be together.

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