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Three Faces Of Ava: Which Version Do You Prefer On Days of our Lives?


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Days of our Lives fans have seen multiple sides of Ava. There is the crazy-pants rapist and blackmailer. There’s the good mother. There’s the bad mother. There’s the vulnerable victim and the vengeful vixen.

Days of our Lives Polling

But which version do the fans prefer? What over 2,000 viewers had to say about that:

Settle In

The 68% of you who prefer peace and love to drama and turmoil want to see Ava (Tamara Braun) settle in as a pleasant and sane member of Salem society. (How many of those there actually are, is questionable.) You don’t want her killing people, you want her romancing them. All poor Ava needs is love, and she’ll straighten up and fly right. Just like all the other reformed troublemakers currently on the canvas. She’ll fit right in.

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Sorry, Charlie

A smaller 18% of the audience only started liking Ava when she became a victim. Charlie (Mike Manning) was a great bad guy, and it was nice to see Ava finally get some of her own back. Charlie was a mess because his mother never loved him, and he made Ava pay. That was fun. Now let’s have Steve (Stephen Nichols) give it a shot. Followed by Kayla (Mary Beth Evans). And bring Joey back to take a swipe at her. This is going to be fun!

True To Form

Only a last place 14% want Ava back bigger and badder than ever before. This is a woman born to make others miserable. She has no shame, she has no conscience, and that means she has no limits to what she can do. Every show needs a villain who will cross any line and commit any sin… for our entertainment.

Ava is at her best when Ava is at her worst. Don’t ever change, Mafia Princess. Don’t ever change. Days of our Lives (DOOL) airs weekdays on NBC. Check your local listings for airtimes.

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