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Where There’s Smoke There’s… Will Ciara Forgive Ben On Days Of Our Lives (DOOL)?

Ciara and Ben Days of Our LivesCiara and Ben Days of Our Lives

What’s a little smoke inhalation between friends on Days Of Our Lives (DOOL)? So Ciara (Victoria Konefall) almost died after being chained to the bed with a broken leg during a fire at that famous cabin.

Of course, this was after Ben started losing his grip and she’s not really sure if Ben started the fire or not, but is that any reason to hold a grudge forever?

We know Hope (Kristian Alfonso) will. But, to be fair, she had it in for Ben even before she found her daughter passed out on the floor, not breathing. And we know Rafe (Galen Gering) will do whatever Hope tells him to do because…Rafe.

But, will Ciara ever be able to forgive the guy who maybe almost got her killed – but who also who saved her from dying earlier, after her motorcycle accident? Here’s how almost 7,000 viewers see this going down.

Time Heals All Wounds
Ciara got to really know Ben during her recovery. They talked. They shared confidences. And clothes. Ciara saw Ben at this best – when he was on his medication, and at his worst – when he was off it.

(Which happened since Hope abused her police authority and staked out all the pharmacies looking for a guy she didn’t have any evidence against but, hey, she’s the chief.)

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Ciara should be able to understand that his unspooling was caused by a medical condition, and 88% of you are certain she’ll eventually forgive him.

Bye, Felicia
Ciara isn’t a complete idiot, 12% of the audience fervently hopes. She fell for Ben’s act once, she won’t be doing that again.

Ben showed who he truly was to her when he was off his medication. (This is totally different from how Abigail is in no way responsible for what she did while she was mentally ill, and anyone who suggests otherwise – looking at you, Gabi – is just petty and doesn’t understand the nuances of the situation.)

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