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To Tell the Truth: Should Will Come Clean To Paul About Sonny On Days of Our Lives?

Days of Our Lives

Will has regained his memory on Days of Our Lives! Yay! Will (Chandler Massey) remembers his love and marriage to Sonny (Freddie Smith)! Yay!

Will was about to confess to Paul (Christopher Sean) when he learned that his boyfriend had saved his mother, Sami’s (Alison Sweeney), life and is now paralyzed as a result! Boo?

Will decided that he owed it to Paul to stay with him. Because Will is such an amazing catch — a hot, sweet, professional athlete like Paul could never possibly do better. So Will is lying to Paul that he was planning to dump him for Sonny.

Should Will tell all? What over 13,000 fans want Will to do.

Lie Low
Will shouldn’t have to live a lie, 57% of you assert. Will comes from a long line of people who have made a lifestyle out of thinking only about themselves, all others’ feelings be damned. And Will should do the same. Sure, Paul has never been anything but good and supportive of Will. But what has Paul done for Will lately?

Will deserves to be happy, no matter what. He should march right into Paul’s hospital room and announce that he prefers Sonny to him – forget that part where, while Sonny and Will were married, Will cheated on Sonny with Paul.

That was then, this is now, and Will should be able to have what he wants. Anyone who disagrees is just an enemy of true love!

Kick Line
Don’t kick a man when he’s down, 42% counter! And Paul is really, really down. He may never get up again. Surely, Will can just keep his secret for a while longer?

Paul is facing some grueling physical therapy for his legs. He doesn’t need to be nursing a broken heart, too. Will and Sonny agreed to do what’s best for Paul, not themselves. Stick to it, guys!

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Video Credit: JJ & Gabi

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