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Are Sonny And Will Endgame On Days Of Our Lives (DOOL)?

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Does it sometimes feel like the words “star-crossed couple” were invented for Days Of Our Lives (DOOL)?

Doug (Bill Hayes) and Julie (Susan Seaforth Hayes), Marlena (Deidre Hall) and John (Drake Hogysten), Hope (Kristian Alfonso) and the late Bo (Peter Reckell), Kayla (Mary Beth Evans) and Steve (Stephan Nichols), and Justin (Wally Kurth) and Adrienne (Judi Evans) all took years to get together. And stay together.

Now it’s Will (Chandler Massey) and Sonny’s (Freddie Smith) turn. They were married, Will cheated, Sonny left, Will died, Sonny cried.

Sonny fell for Paul (Christopher Sean), Will came back from the dead, Sonny dumped Paul. Will didn’t remember Sonny, Will and Paul started dating.

Now Will is exploring ways to get his memory back and has even had a flash of the past. Does that mean he’ll remember his feelings for Sonny?

Will Sonny still want him? Will Paul fight for his man – either man? Or, will he just leave town and try dating in a more sane pool? (Christopher Sean is leaving the soap, after all.)

What does this mean for Will and Sonny? Almost 8,000 fans voted on what they’d like to see happen:

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That’s Swell!
They’re meant to be, 86% of you cheer. Will and Sonny are the loves of each other’s lives, and they should be together forever.

Paul is just an interloper. Now that Will is starting to recall his true feelings, Paul can go play ball or privately investigate or whatever it is he does somewhere else. Death was just a brief stumble on the path to Sonny and Will’s Happily Ever After. Ari got one of her dads back. She deserves both!

What Swill!
Sonny and Will were a teenage infatuation, 14% of the audience dismisses. The fact that Will cheated on Sonny – with Paul – proves where his real affections lie.

And, frankly, Sonny deserves better than a guy who can’t be faithful. Either one of them can end up with Paul, but they shouldn’t be with each other.

Days of our Lives (DOOL) airs weekdays on NBC. Check your local listings for airtimes.

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