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DAYS Spoilers Wild Speculation: Gwen Goes Ballistic And Stabs Leo In Cold Blood 

Will Gwen Rizczech go for the ultimate revenge on DAYS?

days spoilers wild speculation with gwen and leo.Gwen Rizczech and Leo Stark.

Leo made a big mistake when he went after Gwen’s man, and DAYS spoilers hint that it will not end well for anyone, least of all him. Gwen may be furious with her husband, but we can only imagine the hard feelings she’s harboring for her bestie. 

DAYS Spoilers Wild Speculation

At this point, Leo (Greg Rikaart) may think he’s off the hook…well, at least think he and Gwen (Emily O’Brien) are okay-ish. But, what if they are not? What if Gwen is playing the game of “keep your friends close but your enemies closer” and has big plans for him? Deadly plans. 

Oh, Leo, Leo, Leo, how we can see him underestimating just how low Gwen will go for payback. Will she expose her husband and ruin his chances at snagging a fortune? Sure, she could do that. In fact, it would feel great to ruin his entire life. But, what will feel better is making sure Dimitri (Peter Porte) hurts as she hurts by destroying his funding AND his lover. 

DAYS: A Crime Of Passion

Just picture this. Gwen pretends to give Leo a pass and lets him go without any more consequences than a pie and a slap to the face. Leo, thinking he and Gwen are back to being pals, feels he’s pretty safe to slip back into Dimitri’s bed on the sly. Gwen, of course, catches them in the act and absolutely goes bonkers!

She grabs a knife and starts stabbing! She’ll fully intend on carving up Leo like he’s a holiday ham. It will be a devastating and abrupt end to this sham of a marriage with Dimitri and a sham of a friendship with Leo. 

Unfortunately, for Gwen, there’ll be two of them and only one of her. Dimitri will stop his faux-beloved before she can do too much damage and save his true beloved from sudden death. He’ll be a villain and a hero all in one. 

Days of our Lives: Goodbye, Gwen? 

What will happen to Gwen then? Will she wind up back in Bayview, where she started her Salem journey? Will she go to jail and rot behind bars for years and years to come? Can she escape the mansion and go on the run before Dimitri has a chance to talk to the cops? Either way, this messy mess is about to get a whole lot messier. Think this wild speculation could really happen? Let us know in the comments section below. 

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