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DAYS Spoilers Wild Speculation: Chaos Ensues When Eve Searches For ‘Shane’

Everything goes off the rails when Eve Donovan hears what ’Shane’ is up to and decides to pay her dad a visit.

days spoilers wild speculation about eve donovan running into bo brady.This could kick things up on Days of our Lives.

Bo’s little act of pretending to be Shane Donovan seemed harmless at the time but DAYS spoilers hint there’s more trouble ahead. So much more. We predict a twist that brings Shane’s daughter Eve back into the fold.

DAYS Spoilers Wild Speculation

Picture this; Eve (Kassie DePaiva) gets wind her father, Shane Donovan, is searching for the prisms and decides to hunt him down. She’s all for her dear dad getting his hands on the powerful objects and can’t wait to help him use them…for good (sure), of course. Little does she know her daddy isn’t the man who showed up at the crime scene in Greece.

DAYS: Well, Hello There

Eve races across the world and starts the search for her dad. She’ll search high. She’ll search low and eventually put enough pieces together to show up at Victor’s childhood home. Imagine her disbelief when it’s not Shane who is behind the door but Bo!

This twist will stun her silent. And, to make things more dramatic, she’ll hardly have time to wrap her head around it all before Hope (Kristian Alfonso) and Harris (Steve Burton) show up too. Talk about an explosive reunion!

We can just see it now, Eve will wise up and sidle up to Bo, which will throw salt in Hope’s wounds. The love of her life is alive and well…and seemingly hiding out with none other than Eve. And let’s not forget how Harris will react. He and Eve were almost a thing once upon a time too. And Eve almost killed herself after learning he made a bet that he could bed her.

Days of our Lives: A Dangerous Pairing

Harris and Hope may very well end up in the cellar with Kayla (Mary Beth Evans) and Steve (Stephen Nichols). The pair is tough but Eve is ruthless, and so is brainwashed Bo. Let’s face it, Eve will definitely take full advantage of this entire situation. Think this wild speculation could really happen? Let us know in the comments section below.

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