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DAYS Spoilers Wild Speculation: Abe Carver Is The One Stalking Paulina

Could Days of our Lives be setting us up for the ultimate twist?

days spoilers wild speculation about abe carver being the one stalking paulina.Could this be a twist even Paulina Price couldn't see coming?

Once upon a time, before DAYS spoilers teased he would become the Mayor of Salem, Abe was the stalwart police chief. He stood for truth, justice, and the American way. He brought down, arrested, and imprisoned bad guys — as long as they weren’t people he liked. Or related to people he liked.

DAYS Spoilers Speculation

But when talking to Paulina (Jackée Harry) about how that awful, awful, dreadful Sloan (Jessica Serfaty) was harassing and terrorizing her, Abe claimed that he would have done the exact same thing that Paulina did in protecting Chanel (Raven Bowens). Paulina is not to blame for anything that’s happened at all!

Days of our Lives: How Low Would You Go?

And it was that jarring moment from formerly upstanding Abe (James Reynolds) that made us wonder…could he be the one behind the stalking and the anonymous notes and the threatening text messages?

Sure, Abe stomped over to Eric’s (Greg Vaughan) to yell some more about Sloan. And the show made sure we saw Eric looking at the magazines and scissors Sloan just left lying around, to make us think that she did it. (How stupid is this supposedly master criminal?) But what if this was all part of Abe’s clever plan?

DAYS Spoilers: Happy at Last

Abe has already forgiven Paulina for so many lies and crimes, doesn’t it make sense that he not only has already forgiven her for bribing the police in England to look the other way regarding Chanel’s crimes but that he now wants to be a part of it? Abe did tell Paulina he agreed with her methods!

And what better way to protect his new family than by getting rid of the woman currently upsetting them? Abe is framing Sloan, knowing that his word will be taken in Salem long before anyone believes that horrible woman who came to town and did her job by defending Leo (Greg Rikaart) — who then had the audacity to be innocent, to boot! How dare she?

Of course, Paulina has already had two panic attacks caused by the harassment, and she seems headed for a heart attack unless she tones down the yelling and shrieking. Is Abe ready for the consequences of his actions? Or, like Paulina, has he decided that the ends always justify the means…and the collateral damage. Think this wild speculation could come true? Let us know in the comments section below.

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