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DAYS Spoilers Speculation: Megan Will Pay For All Her Crimes

Will this be the first criminal to face the consequences in Salem?

days spoilers speculation has two images of megan hathawayMegan Hathaway has been very bad but any worse than other Salem criminals?

Forget what Megan did the last time she was on Days of our Lives. Since she’s been back, she’s been responsible for holding three women prisoner and brainwashing a back from the dead Bo. If you want one particular offense, she ordered Bo to murder Kate in cold blood. But will Megan ever pay for her crimes?

DAYS Spoilers Speculation: Easy Win

A cocky 17% of the audience is sure this will be a slam-dunk case that even Melinda can’t screw up. Maybe that will be because Melinda won’t have half the town showing up on her doorstep, yelling at her for arresting an obviously guilty person when said guilty person is also someone they love. Since no one loves Megan (Miranda Wilson), that won’t be a problem this time.

Days of our Lives: Crazy Town

She is obviously out of her mind, 32% of you are seeing the big picture. This means she won’t end up in jail, but in a padded room next to Ava (Tamara Braun). Megan has years of mental instability to hide behind, not to mention all the legal advice her DiMera money can buy. She won’t pay for her crimes behind bars, but she will be taken out of circulation…for a while, anyway.

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DAYS Spoilers: The New Girl

Who in Salem ever pays for anything, 51% of voters would love to know. The town is chock-full of killers and blackmailers walking the streets. Why should Megan be any different? And it’s not just because she’s a DiMera. Sure, money and a fancy family name help, but, really, anyone can beat the rap in Salem. Look at Ben (Robert Scott Wilson), the serial killer, or Nicole (Arianne Zucker), the only once-in-a-while killer. Megan will be just fine. Which means those who she is looking to get revenge on….won’t be.

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