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DAYS Spoilers Speculation: How Far the Men Will Go To Save Their Women

What might these men have to give up to keep their lady loves alive?

DAYS spoilers Roman, Steve and John

DAYS spoilers are making it clear that it’s crunch time in Salem. Unless John Black, Steve Johnson, and Roman Brady come up with a way to save Marlena Evans Black, Kayla Brady Johnson, and Kate Roberts — and soon — the damsels in distress are goners.

DAYS Spoilers Speculation

The orchid that they thought would do the trick has gone extinct (thanks, global warming), and Dr. Rolf (Richard Wharton) looks less than motivated to ride to the rescue. Kristen DiMera (Stacy Haiduk), meanwhile, won’t even let him offer any aid unless she can get something out of it, namely Rachel Black. So how far will our intrepid heroes go?

DOOL Spoilers: We Answer To a Higher Authority

At the moment, Rolf is taking his orders from Kristen. But we know he’d turn on her in a hot minute if he heard from the Head Man, himself, Stefano DiMera. Surely, Stefano would not let his beloved Marlena (Deidre Hall) die. It would mean he couldn’t keep obsessing over her. Maybe John (Drake Hogysten), Roman (Josh Taylor), and Steve (Stephen Nichols) should appeal to The Pheonix directly. The question is, what would he ask for in return? Would John allow Stefano to have Marlena…if it meant keeping her alive?

DAYS Spoilers: Straight To the Source

Orpheus (George Del Hoya) wants John, Steve, and Roman to watch the women in their lives die slowly and painfully in revenge for losing his own wife, Rebecca. But would Orpheus get over it if, in exchange for the antidote, the men agreed to become Orpheus’s prisoners? That way, he’d still make them suffer by separating them from the loves of their lives (or, in Roman’s case — Kate [Lauren Koslow]). But he’d let the women live.

Of course, this gives them the chance to escape, but Orpheus might even enjoy the cat-and-mouse game of that. It would be a win-win for everyone! And give fans a chance to root for romantic reunions for all!

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