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DAYS Spoilers Speculation: Belle Has Conditions For Shawn

Can the Brady-Black DAYS marriage be saved?

days spoilers speculation about belle and shawn.Bell and Shawn Brady.

DAYS spoilers have made it clear that Belle may have to deal with Shawn’s cheating on her before the couple can reunite. But is that something that can even still happen?

DAYS Spoilers Speculation

They were already on the skids over Shawn’s (Brandon Beemer) drinking. And that was before he (seemingly) slept with Talia (Aketra Sevellian). The ball is now in Belle’s (Martha Madison) court. What will she do?

Days of our Lives: What’s Good for the Goose

On the one hand, Shawn has forgiven Belle an indiscretion or two. There was Philip (John-Paul Lavoisier). There was EJ (Dan Feuerriegel). If Shawn is expected to overlook her flings, doesn’t he deserve the same consideration?

DAYS: For Better or Worse

On the other hand, Belle has forgiven Shawn a lot, too. Remember Jan (Heather Lindell) and her Devil baby? Shawn seems to have assumed that if Belle let him off the hook once, then she’ll keep doing it. He sees it as a free pass. Shawn is under the impression that he can just keep moping about Bo (Peter Reckell) and about Victor (John Aniston), pushing Belle away, and she’ll keep coming back, no matter what.

DAYS Spoilers: Terms of Endearment

Guess what, Shawn Boy? Belle has her limits. And her conditions. Belle loves Shawn. And she wants to be there for Shawn. But she won’t compete. We don’t mean with Talia. Talia is no competition for Belle. We doubt Shawn will even remember her in the morning — or be able to pick her out of a lineup.

Belle won’t compete with Shawn’s love of the bottle. If he wants to drink, he can drink. But he’ll do it without Belle. If he wants to reunite with his wife, Shawn needs to go on the wagon, as in yesterday. And not only must he stop drinking, but he has to stop dwelling on the things that are driving him to drink. Get some therapy, but stop seeing yourself as the center of the universe.

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