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Days of our Lives Spoilers: Xander’s Empty Wallet Shocks Chanel

Days of our Lives Spoilers For April 21, 2021

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The Days of our Lives spoilers for Wednesday, April 21, 2021, tease a bride disappointed in her husband’s income, and a politico dishing the dirt on a criminal.

Days of our Lives Spoilers Highlight

Xander (Paul Telfer) informs Chanel (Precious Way) that she’s made a major miscalculation – and to say that she responds well would be a lie.

“You’re POOR?!” she bellows at her hubby? Yep. As poor as a church mouse. (Isn’t the saying, “Quiet as a church mouse?” Oh well, chalk it up to semantics.)

Now, this whole pauper’s wife thing is going to be a problem for Chanel. She only married Xander for his assumed riches.

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Marriage to a big and powerful CEO was supposed to take care of all her money woes…is Chanel to assume that she’ll actually have to get that dreaded job after all? Surely she and Xavier *ahem* Xander (!) can put their heads together and come up with some kind of a plan.

Rap Sheet

A concerned Paulina (Jackée Harry) bends Abe’s (James Reynolds) ear in an attempt to ascertain whether or not her new son-in-law is a decent man. And though he doesn’t like to judge – or so he says – Abe helpfully dissuades Paulina of any notion she might have that Xander’s a suitable match for her baby girl.

Baby Blues

Abigail (Marci Miller) and Chad (Billy Flynn) argue about Gwen (Emily O’Brien), and Mrs. DiMera has some news for her husband. If her sister actually gives birth to his baby, rather than undergo the abortion that she’s pushing for, their marriage will be over. Dunzo. Finito. A divorce will be the only solution for it.

Meanwhile, after an appointment with Dr. Kayla Johnson (Mary Beth Evans) – Salem University’s Jackie of All Trades – Gwen reaches a decision regarding her inconvenient pregnancy. Days of our Lives (DOOL) airs weekdays on NBC. Check your local listings for airtimes.

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