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Somewhere, Out There: Is There a Better Man For Days Of Our Lives Jennifer?

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On Days Of Our Lives, Jennifer’s relationship with Eric broke up after she kept secret the fact that his true love, Nicole, had been blackmailed to leave him. But it’s OK! Jennifer’s (Melissa Reeves) own true love, Jack (Matthew Ashford), turned out to be alive — again! Yay!

Except he doesn’t remember Jen or their children. Boo!

And he’s hooked up with Eve (Kassie DePaiva) to run for mayor. And they planned to get married! Double boo!

Jennifer decided not to take it lying down. She got Eric (Greg Vaughn) to put on the worst Russian accept since Boris and Natasha went looking for Moose and Squirrel and distract Eve, while Jennifer set a fake fire and trapped Jack in a broom closet. Oooh… broom closet… romantic.

But, were all her efforts for naught? Is there a better man out there for our Jennifer? Almost 4000 voters had this to say:

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Better Days
Jennifer can do better than Eric and even Jack, 52% of you agree. She can attract a man who isn’t in love with someone else — someone dead — or one who has a tendency to die at the most inopportune moments.

Remember Frankie (Billy Warlock)? They gave it a second try and it was working well. Until… you guessed it… Jack came back from the dead.

Remember Emilio (Billy Hufsey)? Jen was just talking about him the other day! It gave her the idea to play fireman with Jack. But shouldn’t it also remind her that there are plenty of fish in the sea?

The One You’re With
Nope, 48% counter, it’s Jack or nothing. They’ve been on and off for how many decades now? Jen doesn’t know how to make it work with any other man. Jack will always be the one she’s drawn to. Why fight it?

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