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The Softer Side Of Leo: Do Days Of Our Lives Fans Prefer Seeing Him Vulnerable?

Leo and John Days of Our LivesLeo and John Days of Our Lives

Leo just got some major news on Days Of Our Lives! The man he grew up hating — the one he killed- – turned out to be not his father, after all.

Leo’s (Greg Rikaart) biological father — if any DNA test conducted at Salem Hospital can be trusted — is John (Drake Hogestyn)!

Leo was so moved by the development that he embraced a stunned John — literally –almost over Marlena’s (Deidre Hall) dead body. The guy who’s been nothing but horrible for months seemed thrilled and touched to have a non-bastard for a father. He almost looked… human, for a change.

Do fans enjoy seeing this side of Leo? Over 18,000 viewers had this to say:

Becoming Human
Mustache twirling villains are fun…up to a point, 61% of you explain patiently. But the ones that have longevity are the ones who have a soft side, too. They need some rooting factor, and DAYS is pulling out a doozy.

Get those violins ready, fans, because here come all the greatest hits: Leo’s mom was abusive. (This Diana has nothing in common with the original version, save a name.)

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Leo’s “dad” was even more abusive — and homophobic — to boot. Poor Leo had a childhood filled with sads, he thought he killed his daddy, and that’s why he’s such a bad boy.

All he needs is love! How about it, Sonny (Freddie Smith)? Will (Chandler Massey)?

Never Change
Lots of people have questionable mothers and horrible childhoods, 38% of you counter. Look at Will — he grew up with Sami (Allison Sweeney)! Look at Ben (Robert Scott Wilson)! So, OK, so he’s a former serial killer, but he’s trying to clean up his act.

Leo’s background isn’t unique, and it doesn’t give him a free pass. He was a bastard to multiple people. And he was rude to Maggie (Suzanne Rogers). No excuses.

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