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Soap Hub Performer Of The Week For Days of our Lives: Susan Seaforth Hayes

Days of our Lives Susan Seaforth HayesDays of our Lives Susan Seaforth Hayes

There was a lot to be grateful for this past week as Americans everywhere celebrated Thanksgiving — and Salem was no different. Luckily for us viewers, we were treated to Susan Seaforth Hayes being front and center as Julie delivered a delicious dinner — and some much-needed wise words to her loved ones — and even some who aren’t feeling much love lately.

Susan Seaforth Hayes Talks Turkey

While Julie shared the love with her husband Doug (Bill Hayes), giving us all the holiday feels we could ask for, it was her frank talk with both Jack (Matthew Ashford) and Jennifer (Cady McClain) that really got our attention.

It started with unleashing her fury on Jack for all the pain he’s caused Jennifer with the public humiliation of an affair while she was in a coma. How dare he do that?! Oh wait, it’s not that simple. Julie is almost always sure of how right she is and how wrong everyone else is but she’s also someone who has been around the block and understands how we all mess up.

It was incredibly moving to see how Jack was able to make her realize that while he messed up big time (one of his specialties), his love for his wife never waivered — just his faith that everything would turn out okay. And who could blame him, really? After all, Jennifer was in a coma for a year.

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So not only did Julie show she could find it in her heart to forgive Jack, she took up his cause with Jennifer — risking her wrath, which she did get. Jennifer was not ready to hear what Julie had to say but that didn’t stop her cousin from telling her what’s what in a way that only Julie can.

Julie may have been trying to open Jennifer’s eyes to her true blessings and in lesser hands, it could have come off preachy but Seaforth Hayes proved long ago that when given heartfelt material, she makes it sing — and she did. Her heart led the way and left Jennifer no choice but to at least listen as Julie pled Jack’s case.

Will it do any good? Only time will tell — but anytime we get to see Susan Seaforth Hayes front and center being the moral heart of Salem — well, we can’t ask for anything more. Days of our Lives (DOOL) airs weekdays on NBC. Check your local listings for airtimes.

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