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BFFs No More? Will Gabi and Abby’s Friendship Survive?

Days Of Our Lives

Keeping up friendships is difficult. People are busy with work, kids, social commitments, plus so much TV to binge-watch! On Days of Our Lives (DOOL), you’ve got to add being presumed dead and having your best friend fall in love with your husband.

That’s what happened to Abby and Gabi. They used to be tight. Even their names rhyme! But then the situation with Chad (Billy Flynn) threw a monkey-wrench into their friendship. Both are working super-hard to get past it, but neither is having an easy time of it.

Do you want Gabi and Abby to remain best friends, or has too much water passed under the bridge? Almost 7,000 viewers have some friendly advice.

You Gotta Have Friends!
Sisters before misters, remind 54% of you. Gabi (Camila Banus) and Abby’s friendship predates Chad, and it can outlast him if it has too.

Besides, neither woman is at fault. It’s not like Abby asked to have a nervous breakdown that prompted her to fake her death and abandon Chad and baby Thomas.

And Gabi only fell for her best pal’s hubby when she thought Abby (Marci Miller) was dead. She didn’t steal him via devious means. They can — and should — get through this!

It Won’t Be the Same
Abby and Gabi may not be to blame, but that doesn’t make the hurt go away, sigh 41% of the audience. They may want to forgive and forget, but you doubt they’ll be able to.

How will Abby avoid imagining Gabi in bed with Chad every time she looks at her supposed bestie? And how can Gabi keep from wondering what might have been whenever she catches sight of the happy little reunited DiMera family?

The ladies might still love each other, but sometimes love means letting go — for everyone’s own good.

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