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ScareBear The Firestarter: Should Claire Be Jailed On Days of Our Lives?

Claire Days of Our Lives February 26Claire Days of Our Lives

Ciara (Victoria Knofel) certainly had a close call on Monday when a crazed Claire (Olvia Rose Keegan) tied her to a bed and nearly set her on fire — AGAIN — on Days of our Lives. But trying two kill her aunt has become a typical chore in Claire’s life here recently. It turns out she’s just really bad at it.

But trying to off Ciara is just the final in a long list of dirty tricks that Claire has pulled the last few months. She tried to flambé Tripp and Haley because she was jealous. She conspired with Eve to frame Ben for all her crimes. And she held a knife to Tripp’s throat and actually drew blood.

The question is — what should be done with Claire now that she’s been caught? SoapHub asked fans a question: Should Claire be sent to prison for her crimes? Here’s what 5,000 said:

Lock Her Up
Claire set one fire but it’s shame on Ciara who was tied up and unconscious at the time. But now that Claire has set fire number two its shame on her! There were 75% of you who said throw the book at Claire. She broke the law so now its time to pay the piper.

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However, 24% of you think that Claire doesn’t deserve jail time. These fans agreed with Kayla’s assessment that Claire’s behavior is psychotic and they prescribe loads of therapy. The good news is that Claire won’t be the only Horton relative to spend time in a mental health clinic.

Mickey, Laura, and Jessica were all institutionalized at one point in their lives. Mickey for taking a shot at his brother; Laura because of a schizophrenic episode; And Jessica needed therapy to combat her multiple personality disorder.

No matter where Claire ends up — prison or an institution — one thing is for certain. Olivia Rose Keegan was phenomenal in her breakdown scene. Talent life that deserves applause so kudos to Keegan for really giving the material her all. Days of Our Lives airs weekdays on NBC. Check your local listings or airtimes.

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