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Right Or Wrong? Did Theresa Royally Screw Up By Suing For Custody?!

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When Theresa is forced into a corner on Days of Our Lives (DOOL), she tends to act first and think later. Was this latest move a smart one or did she mess up big time?!

Theresa (Jen Lilley) just wanted to return home to her loving family after she risked her life to save theirs. Unfortunately, her big dream reunion turned into a nightmare, and she wasn’t quite sure how to fix that.

She came home to find Brady (Eric Martsolf) in love with her sister Eve (Kassie DePaiva) and unwilling to cast her aside to help put their fractured family back together. Theresa felt backed into a corner — and that’s never good.

Because when that happens, Theresa comes out arms swinging, ready to do battle to get what she wants. This time she thought the only way she’d get to spend time with her precious son Tate, whom she was separated from for over a year, was to sue his father for custody.

So was the custody battle a smart move for Theresa to make, or did she just end up making things 10 times worse for herself? Here’s what you had to say about it.

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Bad Move
This one was a nailbiter, with a scant majority of 58% saying that yes, Theresa’s play for sole custody of their son was a bad move on her part. As JJ (Casey Moss) had pointed out, she really just needed to let Brady calm down. Tempers were running high and if she’d only shown patience, things would have changed.

Smart Move
Still, 42% believe that Theresa did the only thing a loving mother could do after being told she wouldn’t get to see her son. Brady was wrong to have done that and now he’s paying the price. Perhaps he should have shown more consideration for all she’d been through and he wouldn’t be in this mess.

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