Talia Hunter Finally Outsmarts Colin And Gets Him Recaptured

DAYS recap for Wednesday, June 7, 2023: Not that she didn’t have loads of help.

days of our lives recap for wednesday, june 7, 2023, rafe and jada ride to talia hunter's rescue.Rafe Hernandez and Jada ride to Talia's rescue.

On today’s Days of our Lives, Talia Hunter manages to turn the tables on Colin yet again — and she didn’t even require a roof this time.

Days of our Lives Recap Highlights

In addition, Tripp (Lucas Adams) made his intentions for Wendy (Victoria Grace) clear, Abe (James Reynolds) began to question his surroundings, and Julie (Susan Seaforth Hayes) proved to be the balm that Paulina (Jackeé Harry) so desperately needed. Now, let’s dig a little deeper into what exactly happened.

Days of our Lives Recap: Talia Hunter Tames The Beast

Having extricated herself from Colin’s (Jasper Newman) grasp, an incredulous Talia (Aketra Sevillian) demanded to know what he was doing in her room. What, exactly, does he want? She was not filled with much confidence when he replied it was to “settle the score.”

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Surprisingly, after railing at Talia for betraying him [and tossing them both over the side of a building] — “And for what? To save that worthless, homicidal whore?” — Colin confessed that he hadn’t made tracks because he wanted her to come with him. “I need you, Talia. I can’t imagine my life without you. That’s why we’re gonna leave Salem together.”

Downstairs, in the Brady Pub proper, Chanel (Raven Bowens) — who planned to treat Paulina and Julie to a burger — and Johnny (Carson Boatman) — there to pick him and Wendy up some takeout — met up and began discussing the nightmare that was Chanel’s last few days.

No sooner had Johnny calmed Chanel down than she received a text from the D.A.’s office alerting her to the fact that Talia had made bail.

days of our lives recap for wednesday, june 7, 2023, has johnny and chanel talking at the pub.
Johnny doesn’t want Chanel to confront Talia Hunter alone on Days of our Lives.

After betting Johnny that “that conniving bitch is right upstairs,” Chanel resolved to go up there and “wring her scrawny little neck.” He halted her progress and insisted on accompanying her; she successfully argued that if Talia felt ambushed, she might not be inclined to answer the barrage of questions that she planned to subject her to. Still, Johnny insisted that he’d await Chanel’s return and would even come to fetch her if she wasn’t back in a timely fashion.

Days of our Lives: Talia Hunter Defeats The Big Bad…With Assistance

Before being rudely interrupted by Chanel’s bellowing and banging, Talia attempted to get Colin to tell her where he’d stashed Abe but all he could do was stare at her in wonderment and declare [quite honestly] that he had no idea the Hell she was talking about.

When Chanel did come calling, Talia managed to talk Colin out of both shooting her dead [because the gunshot would alert the establishment to his presence] and strangling the life out of her with his bare hands.

Instead, Colin hid in the nearby closet, and Talia opened her door. Chanel barreled her way inside and began shouting, and Talia gave as good as she got — but after nudging Chanel out of harm’s way, Talia handed her the badge of the officer Colin attacked and whispered, “Help me.”

In no time flat, Rafe (Galen Gering) and Jada (Elia Cantu) were on the scene, and Colin had rumbled Talia’s subterfuge. The foursome collided, and an outgunned Colin wisely surrendered.

DAYS Recap: Competition

Elsewhere, Wendy was happily surprised by Tripp’s sudden reappearance and even more so by the new, confident air that he’d taken on.

Tripp explained that being away had given him time to think about how much he’d missed her and what he wanted to change about himself when he got back…and that included asserting himself more when there’s competition for the affections of the person he’s interested in pursuing. And Tripp very much wants to pursue Wendy.

And Wendy very much wants to be pursued by Tripp — especially when she phones up Johnny to inquire as to his whereabouts, and he hastily explains that he’s with Chanel and that he has to hang up.

DOOL Recap: A World Of Their Own Making

Having really taken in his surroundings, Abe groused to Whitley (Kim Coles) that it just doesn’t seem like his home, that it doesn’t seem in the least bit familiar. What’s more, he’s not even sure that she’s really his wife. Is she sure?

Of course, Whitley *ahem* Paulina is sure. And she’s sure that Abe’s memory will return in no time flat and that everything will go back to “normal.” Yes, normal. Just her, Abe, and “their” plethora of stuffed kitties.

Abe eventually agreed to settle and give it time — even if Whitley did prevent him from catching up on the news and insist on serving him a microwave-ready meal.

days of our lives recap for wednesday, june 7, 2023, had whitley dodging a call.
Whitley was dodging Rafe Hernandez’s call.

What Abe won’t do, however, is share a bed with Whitley. Not when he doesn’t remember her as his wife. Whitley [who managed to dodge an incoming call from Rafe] understood and suggested that Abe take the foldout couch until such time as he feels comfortable joining her in the boudoir.

Days of our Lives Recap: Bolster And Boost

Back at University Hospital, Julie did her utmost to dissuade Paulina of the notion that she was in any way to blame for Abe’s predicament and gave her friend one Hell of a pep talk.

After gently calling for “no more self-flagellation,” Julie changed the subject to a happier one, namely Paulina and Abe’s upcoming anniversary, which she’s sure the couple will ring in together.

days of our lives recap for wednesday, june 7, 2023, has julie calming down a hospitalized paulina.
Julie Williams tried to calm down Paulina.

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