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Sloan Petersen Becomes Unhinged When Chanel and Paulina Win

DAYS recap for Tuesday, March 21, 2023: Unluckily for the women, their tormentor is down but not out.

days of our lives recap for tuesday, march 21, 2023, sloan petersen unleashes on paulina and chanelSloan Petersen goes in on Chanel and Paulina guns blazing.

On today’s Days of our Lives, Sloan Petersen goes on a violent redecorating spree when she’s informed that her lawsuit has been tossed.

Days of our Lives Recap Highlights

In addition, EJ (Dan Feuerriegel) and Nicole (Arianne Zucker) resolved to get one over on Stefan (Brandon Barash), Li (Remington Hoffman) appealed to Gabi’s (Camila Banus) more mercenary side, and Jada Hunter (Elia Cantu) was chagrined to learn exactly where her little sister will be toiling. Now, let’s dig a little deeper into what exactly happened.

Sloan Petersen Loses The Battle — But The War Presses On

Having enjoyed a night of unbridled passion, Sloan (Jessica Serfaty) and Eric (Greg Vaughan) awaken in the former’s apartment, ready to indulge in a morning of unbridled passion. Unfortunately, the mood is well and truly spoiled by an alarm going off on Eric’s phone.

It’s a job alert. There’s an opening for a photog, and Eric’s inclined to apply. But Sloan had a suggestion: forgo working for someone else and be his own boss. In fact, Eric should open a gallery all his own.

Eric found the idea intriguing but impractical. First and foremost, you need money to get a business like that off the ground, not to mention the problem of needing to find available real estate for said gallery.

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Luckily Sloan has the perfect place in mind. “It’s called Sweet Bits.” When Eric wondered if the bakery was soon to go out of business, Sloan preened, “Well, Chanel and Paulina may not know that yet, but yes. And once I win my case against them, the space is mine…what better use of it than for your gallery?”

“Are you sure about this,” queried Eric. Sure she’s sure, assured Sloan. And no sooner had the words escaped her lips than she received a phone call alerting her to the news that the lawsuit she filed was dismissed out of hand.

Opposite this, Chanel (Raven Bowens) updated Paulina (Jackée Harry) on her hiring of Talia — frozen assets be damned. “Then I guess you need to win the lottery,” huffed Paulina in response.

“God, I hate this never-ending war with Sloan,” groused Chanel. Paulina concurred. Color the women thrilled as all get out when Belle called with the news that, to quote Paulina, they were finally free of that witch Sloan.

Back at her abode, Sloan hurled some glass bric-a-brac against her front door and cleared her nearby desk with a dramatic flourish.

days of our lives recap for tuesday, march 21, 2023, eric tried to calm sloan petersen down
Sloan Petersen lost it when she learned the case was dismissed.

Eric attempted to de-escalate the situation by pointing out that, as a civil case, no one was in jeopardy of going to prison. It was only about money, and Sloan has money. Boy, how wrong he was.

“It was NEVER about the money!” shrieked a blubbering Sloan, who continued, “They’ve torn my family apart. And they just keep getting away with it because they’re cute and cuddly and fun and everyone loves them! But me, Sloan Petersen, the soulless ambulance chaser, God forbid I forget about my mother being pushed off of a roof to her death…That lawsuit was my last shot. It was my last shot at justice for my mom.”

DAYS Recap: So Much For Peace

Meanwhile, over at the DiMera manse, Nicole expressed her gratitude that EJ and Stefan finally sat down together and hashed everything out. Of course, there was more to the story.

As EJ detailed for her, while they were still in bed, he’s just as committed as he ever was to bringing his brother down…and he knows exactly how to achieve his goal — and it’s all thanks to Li.

days of our lives recap for tuesday, march 21, 2023, nicole and ej scheme together in bed
Nicole Walker and EJ scheme together — even in bed.

With that, EJ filled Nicole in on the “infidelity clause” in Li and Gabi’s marriage contract and his intention to make sure that Gabi cheats with Stefan and gets caught. Despite herself, Nicole resolved to assist EJ in any way that she could — and the perfect opportunity presented itself when Stefan, who’d earlier promised a concerned Rafe (Galen Gering) that he’d “blow Li out of the water,” phoned Gabi only to get the run around from her hubby.

Nicole worked to calm the incensed businessman and did so by proposing that she arrange a secret rendezvous between him and Gabi.

Li Stokes Gabi’s Ego

Speaking of Gabi…after getting the push she needed from Li, she readied for a face-to-face with the owner of Saxton’s, and nothing, not the phone call from Stefan that Li intercepted nor Li worming his way into the pitch meeting, was going to stop her.

days of our lives recap for tuesday, march 21, 2023, jada and thalia bonded
Jada and Thalia Hunter found something to agree on.

DOOL Recap: Last Words On The Matter

Elsewhere, at the Brady Pub, to be exact, Jada and Talia delighted in playful, nosy sibling banter. Rafe interrupted the proceedings, ironically seconds after Talia questioned whether or not there was a new man in her sister’s life.

Once the pleasantries were exchanged, Jada cautioned Talia that she might want to get a move on, seeing as how she was starting work at her new job.

A slip of the tongue necessitated Talia to explain that she was Sweet Bits’ newest employee, and that sent Jada into a tailspin.

Why in the world would Talia, who has a medical degree from Stanford — “one of the best medical schools in the country” — who graduated in the top 10% of her class want to work at a bakery?

“Top 5%, actually,” corrected Talia, who then confided that she never wanted to be a doctor. That was Marcus’s dream that he forced on her. Baking is her passion. That’s what she wants to do with her life.

Taking her leave, Talia headed for the town square, where she made Paulina’s acquaintance. Does Talia happen to be a relation of Jada Hunter, asked Paulina. Why yes, do know her? “No, but I know of her. Her partner arrested me once!”

That took Talia by surprise, as did Sloan swooping in, her accusation that Chanel was a murderer, and her implied threat that was “maybe I don’t need court to get my revenge. Ever think of that?”

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