Nicole Walker Tells EJ DiMera That He’s The Right Man For Her

The DAYS recap for Wednesday, March 1, 2023: You know what they say. The couple that schemes together, stays together.

days of our lives recap for wednesday, march 1, 2023, nicole walker and ej dimeraEJ DiMera and Nicole Walker get extremley close for comfort.

On today’s Days of our Lives, Nicole Walker allowed herself to be convinced that Stefan DiMera must pay for his crimes. She, in turn, then worked to convince EJ DiMera that it was him who she truly wanted and not her pesky ex, Eric.

Days of our Lives Recap Highlights

In addition, Johnny (Carson Boatman) made Chanel’s (Raven Bowens) pain all about himself, Li (Remington Hoffman) confused his sister’s apartment for Grand Central Station, Stefan (Brandon Barash) and Chloe (Nadia Bjorlin) cleared the air between them, and Joey (Tanner Stine) declared his brother the winner in the love sweepstakes. Now, let’s dig a little deeper into what exactly happened.

Nicole Walker & EJ DiMera: The Couple That Schemes Together

It’s official, Stefan has been drugging EJ (Dan Feuerriegel). That bastard, groused accidental poisonee Nicole (Arianne Zucker). But what can she and EJ do about it? After all, they only have the circumstantial evidence that is the vial found in Stefan’s office.

Not so, revealed EJ. He had said vial dusted for fingerprints, and only he, Johnny, and Stefan had handled it. A smoking gun if there ever was one.

What do you plan to do about it, wondered Nicole. Why, let my brother continue dosing me, of course, answered EJ. WHAT, screeched Nicole. That’s certifiable!

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But she’d misunderstood. EJ intends to let Stefan think that he’s dosing him, when he will, in fact, be turning the tables and dosing his doser. It’s brilliant. Practically foolproof. Stefan will never see it coming…and how fitting that he’ll be brought down by his own “medicine.”

Though she hedged for a good while, Nicole eventually declared that she was in. EJ could count on her to be both his drinking buddy and his accomplice. EJ was heartened.

What didn’t fill him with much confidence was Nicole’s subsequently admitting that she’d had a nostalgia-tinged run-in with Eric (Greg Vaughan) and that he’d mentioned Roman (Josh Taylor) was rooting for a reconciliation between the two of them.

Don’t worry, insisted Nicole. It’s EJ that she wants, not Eric. She promises. She swears. EJ is far better suited for her and she realizes that.

DOOL Recap: Pity Party

Chanel had an update for Johnny. Not only are she and Allie (Lindsay Arnold) no longer coupled up, but Allie has put some 8,000 miles between them. What, and incredulous Johnny bellowed.

For quite some time, Johnny couldn’t decide what was worse: the fact that Allie cheated on Chanel with the likes of Alex Kiriakis (Robert Scott Wilson) or that she flew to another continent without saying goodbye to him.

He thought that copious amounts of shots would either help him decide or, at the very least, make him feel better, but he was wrong.

days of our lives recap for march 1, 2023 has johnny dimera chugging back drinks as chanel watches
Johnny DiMera was upset by Chanel’s news.

Having finally tired of Johnny’s pity party, Chanel put him on blast — then immediately forgave him when he issued what sounded like a sincere apology.

Li Shin And Mrs. Move On In

Wendy (Victoria Grace) was incredulous. One minute she has no one to split the rent with, the next she conscripts good buddy Tripp into sharing the burden, and then seconds later, in waltzes Li and Gabi (Camila Banus), who announce that they’re there to stay. Come again?

Sensing that an eruption is imminent, Tripp made himself scarce, leaving Wendy to lay down a few ground rules. Her brother and sister-in-law may move in, but given that Gabi has no obvious desire to bed down with Li — and seeing as how Tripp was invited — Li will be taking the couch, and he will either like it or lump it.

DAYS Recap: That Loving Feeling

Despite making a beeline for Chloe’s apartment post-deprogramming, Stefan finds that he has no discernable love feelings for her anymore. The forced procedure was a smashing success!

Now, that’s not to say that Chloe isn’t a beautiful, desirable woman. It’s just that Stefan doesn’t desire her. Thanks for that, Chloe offered.

Stefan DiMera and Chloe Confront The One That They Want

After taking his leave of Chloe, a doggedly determined Stefan hunted for Gabi. After overhearing Tripp mention that Li and Gabi were at Casa Wendy, Stefan raced over.

Gabi, for her part, was not particularly thrilled to open the door to Stefan, but she was clearly affected by his claims that he’d remembered she was the only woman for him.

Sadly, it’s too late. Far too late. There’s no way that Li’s going to let her out of that binding contract that she just signed. And there’s certainly no way that Li is just going to let the exes explore their feelings for one another. No Siree. He sent a stunned Stefan on his way and shut the door.

days of our lives recap for march 1, 2023 has stefan shocked to find gabi with a towel-clad li
Stefan DiMera was shocked to find Gabi with Li.

Meanwhile, Chloe paid a jailed Brady (Eric Martsolf) a visit and took him to task for forcing Stefan to undergo a MacGyvered reverse brainwash. What was he thinking?!

He was thinking that with Stefan back to normal, they could pick up where we left off. Never going to happen, countered Chloe. And why? Well, let her count the ways.

For one, Brady’s facing prison time for kidnapping and a whole host of other serious charges. For two, wee terror Rachel (Finley Rose Slater) absolutely hates Chloe. HATES her. Thinks that Chloe is the root of all evil. How can they ever hope to make it as a couple when his daughter is so against the idea? And then there’s the Kristen (Stacy Haiduk) of it all.

days of our lives recap for march 1, 2023 has chloe visiting brady at the salem police department
Chloe Lane can’t believe what Brady did.

DOOL Recap: Complications Arise

Joey was tickled pink to hear that Tripp had agreed to live with Wendy, but Tripp insisted that the two of them would only be sharing the apartment as friends…if they wound up sharing at all.

Oh, we’re going to be sharing, an arriving Wendy declared…so long as Tripp can handle Li and Gabi’s presence. Tripp could. This called for a round of celebratory drinks, announced Joey — his treat!

After arriving at the Brady Pub, Wendy bristled at the sight of Johnny making merry with Chanel and pointedly filled her boyfriend in on the fact that Tripp would be sharing her apartment with her. How does he like them apples? Huh? Huh?

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