Marlena’s Death Sends Eric Brady Spiraling And Away From The Church

The DAYS recap for Monday, January 23, 2023, sees faithful Eric Brady breaking down.

days of our lives recap eric brady sits at the bar very upset and thinkingEric Brady

On today’s Days of our Lives, Eric Brady honors his deceased mother by doing the exact opposite of what she’d previously begged of him.

Days of our Lives Recap Highlights

In addition to Eric’s downward spiral, self-obsessed Allie (Lindsay Arnold) made waves, Will (Chandler Massey) wondered whether or not he should pursue his dream, Johnny (Carson Boatman) got the drop on, and the last word with Tripp (Lucas Addams), and John Black reflected on a life well lived with his beloved. Now, let’s dig a little deeper into what exactly happened.

Eric Brady Mourns His Mother

Eric (Greg Vaughan) has never needed someone to talk to more than he does at present, but his all-in-one confessor, confidant, and comforting presence is dead — and Eric blames God. Oh, how he prayed for a miracle. How he prayed that Marlena (Deidre Hall) would be spared Death’s cold embrace. Look where that got him.

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But Eric won’t make that same mistake again. Oh no. Prayer’s a fool’s game. Faith is for the foolish. The gullible. Eric will now be finding peace at the bottom of a real tall cold drink. Or three. His new pew will be a stool at the Brady Pub. Amen.

DOOL Recap: Green-eyed Monster

After catching Johnny and Chanel Dupree (Raven Bowens) in what could only be described as a compromising position, Allie put the two on blast…but not before indulging in some childish cattiness like muttering under her breath how Chanel should avoid rooftops. Later, having learned of Marlena’s passing, Allie coldly dismissed Chanel like she was the help rather than her girlfriend and decided to soldier on with her immediate family.

allie was catty to chanel and dismissed her girlfriend on days of our lives recap
Allie and Chanel

Tripp Johnson Gets No Mercy From Johnny

Having spent the evening desperately trying to reach his mentally ill mother, Tripp was exhausted. The sight of Wendy (Victoria Grace) heartened him greatly but explaining Ava’s situation to her really rather dampened what could have been a most wonderful reunion.

Equally disconcerting was Johnny’s sudden appearance, his bearing the news that Marlena had died, and his terming Ava a, “homicidal, lunatic bitch.” Tripp attempted to express his displeasure using his fist; Johnny not only blocked his shot, but he wound up knocking Tripp flat on his behind. Wendy wasn’t impressed with either man. Violence is never the answer.

Back of Will's head as he holds the lapel of Sonny's shirt in days of our lives recap
Will and Sonny

Days of our Lives Recap: Tempting Fate

Should Will remain in Salem the rest of his days, or should he take the opportunity to travel to New Zealand and oversee the production of his latest film? He thinks he should do the former. Sonny (Zach Tinker) strongly disagrees.

Will argues — quite rightly — that his latest absence wrought untold damage on their relationship, while Sonny counters — again, quite rightly — that their latest dustup was pretty much down to him and his insistence on seeing the best in Leo (Greg Rikaart). But that’s Sonny’s bad. Anyway, agree to disagree about the separation for now. There are far more pressing matters to attend to — like praying for Marlena’s soul.

Jarlena: A Love Story

After Eric and Belle (Martha Madison) both issued heartfelt, tear-drenched goodbyes to Marlena, it was John’s (Drake Hogestyn) turn. Gosh does John love his Doc. And what a life they’ve lived together. Don’t believe him? Look no further than the flashbacks accompanying his monologue.

On offer was the couple’s 1991 reunion on the pier, their Camelot-themed wedding, some sexy times with the strawberries and cream, and more — but nothing from the ’80s because…reasons.

john black says goodbye to marlena evans after she passed away in the days recap
John and Marlena

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