Lucky Leo Stark Manages To Survive His Colin Encounter

DAYS recap for Thursday, June 1, 2023: It was quite the close call.

days of our lives recap for thursday, june 1, 2023, a tape recorder holding leo stark stands opposite colin.Leo Stark attempts to get crazy Colin's side of the story.

On today’s Days of our Lives, Leo Stark crosses swords with escapee Colin Bedford — and no, not in that way. Get your mind out of the gutter!

Days of our Lives Recap Highlights

In addition, blabbermouth Eric (Greg Vaughan) tells his mother that Nicole (Arianne Zucker) is pregnant and Abe (James Reynolds) finds himself in unfamiliar surroundings. Now, let’s dig a little deeper into what exactly happened.

Days of our Lives: Leo Stark Recognizes A Villain In His Midst

At University Hospital, Paulina (Jackée Harry) screechingly demanded to know both where in the Hell her husband was and where on God’s green earth was he.

After ascertaining that Abe hadn’t been taken off for a battery of tests, Paulina and Chanel (Raven Bowens) tracked Rafe (Galen Gering) down and demanded that he avail the services of the Salem Police Department in finding him. Rafe, in turn, warned Paulina that Colin (Jasper Newman) had made his escape.

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Paulina put two and two together and came up with Colin must have absconded with Abe; Rafe attempted to hedge. “There’s no ifs, no ands, no buts,” huffed Paulina, who added, “Colin Bedford is a homicidal maniac, and anyone who’s with him is in terrible danger!”

Opposite this, Leo (Greg Rikaart) stymied Colin’s getaway by calling on the uniformed baddie to help him locate his missing, presumably stolen cell phone — a cell phone that contained, amongst a whole assortment of work contacts, several *ahem* personal photos of Leo that he didn’t want “getting in the wrong hands.”

An irritable Colin attempted to extricate himself from the scene, but Leo persisted…and then he seemed to recognize the “very naughty boy standing in front of him.”

Luckily for Colin, Leo had confused him with a stripper who came to his buddy Ettiene’s bachelor party and flashed his nightstick. Unlucky for Leo, he eventually realized his great mistake — thanks in part to Colin readopting his native “limey accent” and recognized Colin for who he really was.

Days of our Lives Recap: Leo Stark Lives To Lie Another Day

Actually, scratch out unlucky. Leo’s total recall had resulted in him striking gold.

Leo: I’m a reporter, but I never pay attention to the real news. Talk about boring. Although, the other day, my boss, AKA my bestie, who also happens to be from across the pond like you, she was talking about you, and immediately my cute little ears perked up because you are one fascinating man. And now, you have a chance to tell your side of the story! You can give me an exclusive interview, and I can give you a chance to be heard. To say things you’ve been wanting to say for years about Chanel, Paulina, all of it. And I promise you, people will listen.

For a brief moment, Colin seemed to believe what Leo was selling…but then Leo had to go and come up with a banner headline like “The British Banger Mashes Mayor, Then Dishes To Lady W” and open the interview with “How do you respond to allegations that you’re an unhinged psychopath?”

days of our lives recap for thursday, june 1, 2023, has colin angry at leo stark.
Leo Stark said the wrong thing to Colin on Days of our Lives.

Colin responded by smashing Leo’s phone — yep, the little weasel managed to find it at the bottom of his work satchel — confirmed said allegations, and sauntered off after issuing a testy little “Till we meet again, Mr. Stark.”

DAYS Recap: Baby Daze

Meanwhile, as Marlena (Deidre Hall) and Kayla (Mary Beth Evans) visited at the Brady Pub and the former wondered why a) Nicole had lied about there being a viral outbreak at the hospital and the necessity for Eric to give up a saliva sample and b) what secret Nicole is hiding [questions to which Kayla certainly knows the answers], Eric sauntered on into the DiMera living room much to Nicole’s chagrin.

Eric was very much in want of an explanation about Nicole’s pregnancy and the subterfuge she and Sloan (Jessica Serfaty) had gone through to acquire his DNA, but Nicole wasn’t exactly forthcoming.

Eric: “Nicole, please stop lying to my face. I confronted Sloan, and she said told me what the swab was for. She told me everything.”
Nicole: “Damn her! I knew your snake of a girlfriend couldn’t keep this secret.”

Her ire eventually soothed, and Nicole leveled with Eric about it all. Her pregnancy, her doubt over who the father was, her fear that she wouldn’t even be able to carry the baby to term, and her desire to keep her secret until she could determine paternity.

When Eric tried to broach the subject of what ifs, namely, what if he turns out to be the baby’s father, Nicole blubbered that she wasn’t up to discussing possibilities. Besides, she’s with EJ, he’s with Sloan, and they have both moved on. Nicole did, however, promise to alert Eric the moment she got the results.

Exit Eric, enter EJ, whom Nicole was cautiously thrilled to reunite with. And while “EJole” embraced, Eric headed for the Brady Pub, where he ran into Marlena. And what should he do but reveal Nicole’s pregnancy news which is actually none of Marlena’s business at this time.

days of our lives recap for thursday, june 1, 2023, marlena was surprised to learn eric's news.
Marlena Evans Black was taken by surprise.

DOOL Recap: Misery Redux

Crazed Nurse Whitley (Kim Coles) escorted Abe to her abode — ostensibly in an effort to keep “her husband” safe from that ne’er-do-well Colin — and set about introducing him [or, reintroducing as she called it] to her plethora of stuffed cats, triplets Tasha, Masha, and Sasha, Cheesecake, and Cats Domino chief among them.

days of our lives recap for thursday, june 1, 2023, whitley holds a stuffed cat as abe looks on.
Abe Carver had no idea what to make of “Paulina” — AKA Whitley.

As should be expected, no bells were rung for Abe. He didn’t recognize/remember a thing. Well, he did recognize that Miss Whitley — make that Paulina — wasn’t much of a duster. Achoo!

Back at University Hospital, Paulina’s blood pressure and heart rate skyrocketed, and she was admitted as a patient [and she would have been kicking and screaming had she been the least aware of what was going on around her].

Mrs. Price Carver eventually roused, again bemoaned Abe’s predicament, and pointedly pointed out that her husband had just suffered his second major head trauma in less than a year. Couple that with his apparent amnesia [which was news to Keystone Copper Rafe], and it’s possible that poor Abe doesn’t even know that he’s in danger.

days of our lives recap for thursday, june 1, 2023, has paulina in a hospital bed needing chanel's help.
Chanel Dupree knew just how to care for her mama.

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