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Kristen DiMera Vows To Brady That She Will Be In Rachel’s Life

DAYS recap for Thursday, May 25, 2023: She wants unfettered access to her mini-me.

days of our lives recap for thursday, may 25, 2023, kristen dimera squaring up aginst brady.Kristen DiMera squares up against Brady.

On today’s Days of our Lives, Kristen DiMera got all up in Brady’s face making threats — no, promises — that she very much intends to keep.

Days of our Lives Recap Highlights

In addition, Megan (Miranda Wilson) made her presence felt, Dimitri (Peter Porte) put his best foot forward with Chad (Billy Flynn), Xander (Paul Telfer) extended a job offer, and Shawn (Brandon Beemer) continued to moan and bemoan. Now, let’s dig a little deeper into what exactly happened.

Days of our Lives: Kristen DiMera Wants Her Daughter

Marlena (Deidre Hall) bristled at the sight of Kristen (Stacy Haiduk) and warned that she plans on calling the police and alerting them to the villainess’s latest escape.

Kristen, in turn, handed over her copy of her immunity deal and quipped that it came courtesy of her newly found sister Megan. “Family is the gift that keeps on giving.”

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No sooner had the women begun squabbling than Brady (Eric Martsolf) arrived and issued profuse apologies for not being able to forewarn Marlena of Kristen’s release. Kristen and Brady then turned to argue over Rachel (Finley Rose Slater) and how Kristen had poisoned the girl’s mind against Chloe (Nadia Bjorlin).

Kristen revealed that Rachel had penned her a missive all about Chloe’s new living arrangement with Xander and opined that the two made a great couple as neither have “substance…morals, and are utterly testable to boot.”

Marlena: You’re in no position to lecture anyone on morals.
Kristen: Says the woman who’s been possessed by the Devil, twice!

Days of our Lives: Kristen DiMera Puts Brady On Blast

Brady insisted that Chloe and Xander were nothing more than roommates but Kristen didn’t think that distinction would last long considering Xander gets every woman he knows into bed sooner or later “usually sooner. Even the ones who claim they hate him.”

It was that remark that set Brady’s blood to boil and he unleashed a stinging condemnation of Kristen and their toxic relationship, and he rued the fact that Kristen was Rachel’s mother. He bellowed that Kristen would not be moving back into the penthouse as Marlena wouldn’t put up with it and made clear his intentions to keep Rachel far, far away from her.

Before bidding Brady “Go to Hell” and taking her leave, Kristen swore that she’d take him to court and revisit the issue of full custody.

DAYS Recap: Megan Has Fun

Opposite the above, Megan gleefully presented her immunity deal to Roman (Josh Taylor), took in the Brady Pub, then made comment on the establishment. “I must say, I do miss the fish market. It was so quaint. Hey, I don’t suppose I could still buy some live lobster?”

Kate (Lauren Koslow) suggested that her tormentor “Go to Hell,” and Megan offered that Kate could at least show her some nominal gratitude — she did save her life, after all. Twice. After all, Dimitri had plucked Kate out of the middle of the ocean on her orders.

And yes, for a time Megan had believed Kate dead at Bo’s hands, but she’d eventually rumbled the truth and tasked her son with collecting her. “I’m always one step ahead,” purred Megan.

When pressed, Megan copped to being there for a reason. She wanted an update on Bo. Roman provided her one, then twisted the proverbial knife by reminding Megan that Bo’s love for Hope had overridden his conditioning and promising that as soon as Bo regained consciousness, he’d be reunited with the real love of his life.

Megan briefly considered flying to Greece to ensure that such an outcome would be mooted but decided to bide her time and instead claim her rightful place as a DiMera.

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To that end, she made her way to the family homestead and gleefully announced to Stefano [well, he’s portrait anyway] that she was “home.”

DOOL Recap: Get A Job

When Xander (Paul Telfer) continually proved that he wasn’t up to the task, Chloe stepped up and [properly] secured his beloved “doodads” to the wall. Success! Afterward, Chloe debated the merits of sticking around as Xander’s roommate, considering she’d still yet to find gainful employment. Turns out there are not a lot of jobs in Salem for an opera singer or a fashion merchandiser outside of DiMera.

Xander set about convincing Chloe to stay put as he’d miss her terribly if she left — even if she did only move in with him to piss Brady off — then offered a solution to her employment woes: come work for him at The Spectator.

Despite having no experience whatsoever in the newspaper game, Xander was sure Chloe would prove herself. “If Leo Stark can do it, why can’t you, or anyone else for that matter?” And as for Gwen (Emily O’Brien), Xander has her covered, trust him!

Days of our Lives Recap: Family Affair

Back in Greece, Dimitri called on Chad (Billy Flynn) to share the good news of his release and of their blood relations. “Your sister, Megan, she’s my, uh, materfamilias, AKA my mom…Hiya Unc!”

Chad blanched at the revelation and made it clear that he had no intention of playing happy families with the likes of Dimitri and Megan — that so-called “crazy bitch with a heart of stone, who, uh, she either belongs in a straight jacket or in prison.”

Undeterred, Dimitri did his utmost to get Chad on his side and to convince him to offer up insights on how to be accepted into the “bosom of the family.”

days of our lives recap for thursday, may 25, 2023, dimitri hugged his uncle chad.
Dimitri shocked Chad DiMera with a hug.

The best Chad would do — other than berate Dimitri for using the word “bosom” — was reiterate that he wanted nothing to do with his newfound nephew. Though he exited stage right, Dimitri threatened/promised that Chad wouldn’t be able to escape future bonding moments.

DAYS Recap: Shawn Still Beats Himself Up

Elsewhere in Greece, Shawn groused to Belle (Martha Madison) about his father’s unchanging condition which he insisted was all down to him. Oh, if only he could turn back time and make it so he didn’t pull that trigger.

Enter Harris Michaels (Steve Burton) with a request to speak with Hope face-to-face. Denied! In response, Harris shared the news of Dimitri and Megan’s familial relationship and their release from police custody [ditto Kristen].

Harris vowed that he’d do whatever it takes to protect Shawn’s parents; Shawn, in turn, huffed that Harris had already done enough. He’s got it from here.

After a confab with Hope, Shawn returned to find Harris still hanging around and revealed that they were in the process of having Bo moved to a secure, long-term care facility that’ll be unknown to most, including Megan and Harris.

days of our lives recap for thursday, may 25, 2023 has harris talking to shawn.
Shawn Brady had words for Harris.

Harris grants Shawn his low opinion of him — he totally gets it. Still, when he decamps from Greece, he will be returning to Salem. Not only is the town the closest thing to home that he’s got, but it will allow him to keep a close eye on Megan and Dimitri. Shawn softens a bit and suggests that Harris won’t be the most popular guy in town — something he, as Bo’s shooter, can relate to.

Days of our Lives Recap: Kristen DiMera Crows

Much to Xander and Chloe’s chagrin, they run into Kristen and learn of her [not exactly] hard-earned immunity. Chloe hissed that if Kristen wants to stake her claim on Brady then he was all hers and Kristen assured Chloe that he’d soon be hers. Also, she really, really hopes that Chloe and Xander are happy together, really she does.

days of our lives recap for thursday, may 25, 2023 has kristen dimera shocking xander and chloe.
Kristen DiMera surprises Xander and Chloe on Days of our Lives.

Meanwhile, like Shawn before him, Brady bemoaned his predicament and how similar Rachel is to her mother. Then he makes a vow to Marlena — “Hell is going to freeze over before I get back together with Kristen DiMera. On my life, on my daughter’s life, it’s not going to happen. I’m not going to change my mind about that.”

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