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Hope Brady Plays A Dangerous Game of Cat-and-Mouse With Harris

The DAYS recap for Monday, March 20, 2023: Hope went to speak with Harris — all alone.

days of our lives recap for monday, march 20, 2023, harris threatening to throttle hope bradyHaris forgoes throttling Hope Brady in order to aid her.

On today’s Days of our Lives, Hope Brady entered the proverbial lion’s den and scored a major victory for her trouble.

Days of our Lives Recap Highlights

In addition, Megan and Rolf (Richard Wharton) helpfully explained the former’s hair-brained scheme, Marlena (Deidre Hal) and Kayla pondered what cruel fate awaited them, John Black (Drake Hogestyn) wondered if he’s heard Marlena’s voice blowing in the wind, and Kate (Lauren Koslow) was seemingly dispatched by hero no more Bo Brady (Peter Reckell). Now, let’s dig a little deeper into what exactly happened.

Hope Brady Tries To Reach Harris Michaels

At an ISA facility in Fredrick, Maryland, Hope (Kristian Alfonso) rendezvoused with Agent Rose — an admitted fan of her and the “late” Bo — and found herself led to a heavily fortified chamber containing a dejected-looking Harris Michaels (Steve Burton).

As relayed by Agent Rose, Harris has been quite uncooperative since his transfer the previous summer. He’s sent three ISA representatives to the hospital and has resisted the efforts of psychoanalyst extraordinaire Kimberly Brady Donovan (Patsy Pease).

Hope admitted that she wasn’t much surprised…but she was still resolved to speak to Harris face-to-face and on her own — whether it was advisable or not.

Harris was chagrined by the demanded audience and wondered why Hope would ever want to see him again. But Hope had a question for Harris. Why is he resisting treatment when, when last they spoke, he seemed so eager to reverse the brainwashing that Megan had submitted him to?

“I was lying,” declared Harris, who added, “I said whatever it took to mitigate my punishment.” Hope refused to buy that. “If that were true, you’d still be keeping up with that lie now. No, I think that you are still fully under Megan’s control, and that’s the reason why you wouldn’t open up to Kimberly. And that’s why I only see the real you when we’re alone.”

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And luckily for Harris, Hope still sees the good in him. The good that kept him from pulling that trigger and ending her life. “I’m alive because of you. You felt something for me. You still do. It’s real, it is. I know it.”

When Harris pointedly wondered whether or not Hope still feels something for him, she granted that she did genuinely come to care for him in spite of the fact that they were both conning each other. Now, can he admit the same to her?

Hope offered to remind him of times gone by with a show of affection, but Harris seized her throat rather than let the kiss proceed. “You know I can snap your neck in an instant,” he growled.

Still, Hope persisted. She reminded how Harris was as much a victim of Megan’s machinations as she, how he deserved to be free of her sway — and when Harris yet still hedged, Hope begged for his help. “Do it for me,” she whimpered.

And so he did. Or, at least, he agreed to do so. He’ll see Kimberly and do the work necessary to deprogram him. Color Agent Rose impressed.

DAYS Recap: Megan Hathaway’s Evil Endgame Is Made Clear

Megan (Miranda Wilson) has a plan. A dastardly plan. A plan to turn back the clock, to reverse the aging process. The serum that Rolf plans to synthesize from the magical orchid will supposedly rejuvenate his mistress and Bo as if they sipped from the Fountain Of Youth itself.

And with Megan and Bo decades younger, the former is sure that they’ll be able to recapture the ardor that has been missing ever since Bo emerged from his cryogenic coma and had his love Hope zapped out of him.

But even though Bo has no romantic feelings for Megan remaining, he does (seemingly) possess undying loyalty. After all, he’s never questioned a command she’s given or failed to follow through — he even snuck back into Salem, purloined the aforementioned orchid, and spirited it back to Megan! — and Megan has no doubt that her latest one — killing Kate Roberts — will be followed to the letter.

Opposite this, Marlena and Kayla, having been told by Megan that Kate is to suffer a different kind of fate than life as a guinea pig, set about trying to figure out exactly what that meant.

Maybe the villainess was trying to scare them to get them to behave. Surely she wouldn’t have Kate killed, not after all the trouble she went through to revive her. Right?

“Even if that were Megan’s intention, argued Marlena, “Kate [is] resourceful, and she’s able to talk her way out of any dire situation.”

days of our lives recap for monday, march 20, 2023, kate trying to get bo not to kill her
Kate was talking fast to get Bo Brady not to kill her.

Kate Roberts Appears To Be A Gonner

Meanwhile, in an area outside Megan’s compound, Kate was doing exactly that — or she was trying anyway. Unfortunately, she didn’t seem to make much headway.

No matter the argument she made or the names she invoked — Hope, Roman (Josh Taylor), Bo’s plethora of children — Bo didn’t seem the least bit interested in hearing her out. If anything, he wanted to shoot her just to shut her up.

Finally reaching the end of her tether, Kate snapped and began insulting Bo. When did he turn into a lackey, a lapdog? Since when does he take orders, cow to a boss? Where’s the rebel that Kate used to know? Is there any trace of him still left in the shell of Bo?

Apparently not. A lone shot rang out, panicking Marlena and Kayla and delighting Megan to no end. When Megan heaped praise upon her assassin and attempted to impart another assignment, Bo warned, “I don’t give a damn…I don’t take orders from you, lady. It’s over!”

days of our lives recap for monday, march 20, 2023, megan was shocked by the way she was spoken to
Megan Hathway was shocked by Bo blowing her off.

DOOL Recap: Carried On The Breeze

Back in Salem, John and Steve (Stephen Nichols) updated Roman on running into Hope and her insisting on visiting with Harris. Talk turns to Roman’s convos with Kate’s ashes and his fear that he might be losing the plot, but Steve counters that he saw and conversed with his Sweetness.

days of our lives recap for monday, march 20, 2023, has john, steve, and roman talking at the pub
The men discuss seeing Hope Brady.

After parting company with the men, John suddenly heard what he swore was Marlena’s voice, but dismissed it outright as nothing more than the wind.

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