Harris Michaels Resolved To Rid Salem Of Megalomaniacal Megan

DAYS recap for Thursday, June 16, 2023: No doubt that will prove to be easier said than done.

harris michaels is ready to play hardball with megan dimira in the days of our lives recap for monday, june 12, 2023.Harris Michaels snuck up on Megan DiMera.

On today’s Days of our Lives, Harris Michaels agrees that Megan needs to be dealt with in the here and now — but murder is off the table.

Days of our Lives Recap Highlights

In addition, Leo (Greg Rikaart) did his utmost to bring Gwen (Emily O’Brien) back down to Earth, Nicole’s suspicions were raised, and Kristen (Stacy Haiduk) found herself tied up in knots — and not in the fun way like Brady (Eric Martsolf) used to do. Now, let’s dig a little deeper into what exactly happened.

Days of our Lives: Harris Michaels Has Got A Plan

In spite of the fact that he kept her waiting a good few minutes past their prearranged rendezvous, Kate (Lauren Koslow) was admittedly curious as to why Harris Michaels (Steve Burton) had called the meeting in the first place. Had he reconsidered her proposal? He has. And he’s in.

Kate was more than delighted. Harris’s answer was music to her ears. But then, there was the unfortunate needle drop that was his insistence that Megan (Miranda Wilson) would not be sleeping in an unmarked grave. Instead, he plans to “disappear her permanently. To a place she can’t ever leave, and she’ll never hurt another soul again.”

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Like, a black site, queried Kate. The less you know the better, insisted Harris. Kate readily agreed…and made sure that Harris understood this must be kept strictly between the two of them. Her husband, for better or for worse, is a man of conscience. Hell, he wouldn’t even let Steve (Stephen Nichols) and John (Drake Hogestyn) avenge her death by sending Orpheus (George DelHoyo) to his maker. Harris agreed.

days of our lives recap for june 15, 2023 has harris michaels scheming with kate.
Harris Michaels schemes with Kate on Days of our Lives.

Before parting, Kate floated the idea of Harris taking Dimitri (Peter Porte) alongside his mama — after all, it’s cruel and unusual to separate a parent and child — but he declined. And, it wasn’t that he was ruling out the possibility completely, but the priority is getting rid of Megan. She’s the more pressing threat. Agreed? Agreed! And, as for when, exactly, Harris would strike, why put off till tomorrow what you can do today?

Days of our Lives Recap: Scheme Team

Speaking of Megan, she slunk over to Li’s (Remington Hoffman) abode and patiently waited for all his little roomies to scurry off before calling on him. She was there to pick up where they’d left off on the phone, and Li wanted to know why they’d been disconnected in the first place.

Megan admitted that EJ had overheard their plan to eliminate Stefan — and don’t worry, he had no idea that it was Li whom she’d been scheming with. As to the fate that befell the eavesdropper, “he had a sudden attack of conscience followed by a sudden attack of Ming vase.”

Li was impressed-ish, and full of questions, namely, what did Megan do with EJ after — why, tied him up in the secret room, of course — and, how did she even know about said secret room? She never even lived in that house before now. Lucky for Megan, she’d learned all about the underground passageways and chambers prior to sending Bo (Peter Reckell) to retrieve that magical orchid.

With that out of the way, the conversation shifted to Megan’s plans for Stefan’s (Brandon Barash) unaliving. Surely, she doesn’t expect Li to commit the deed. Of course not. She wouldn’t trust a job as important as this to an amateur assassin who couldn’t get it right the first time.

“No Mr Shin. We need someone with ice in their veins, someone who is trained to kill, and willing to kill, and I know just who that someone is.”

The rub? Harris had been deprogrammed by the ISA. The solution? “Dr. Rolf programs Commander Michaels to murder Stefan. And then, voila, you and I both get exactly what we want.” Now all that remains is for Li to track Rolf (Richard Wharton) down. Consider it done.

Days of our Lives Recap: Debate Club

At the Salem Inn, Leo took Gwen to task for her “gushing” and flattering piece on Dimitri that made the murderous kidnapper come off as Mahatma Gandhi. Her most egregious quote: “With his scores of crimes against humanity being well documented and a rap sheet that would make Al Capone blush, you can only imagine my astonishment at discovering that Dimitri Von Leuschner does, indeed, have a heart.”

days of our lives recap for june 15, 2023 has leo and gwen in the hotel room.
Leo Stark tells Gwen what he thinks.

Gwen groused over Leo calling her journalistic integrity into question and Leo, in turn, demanded to know why Gwen went so easy on the baddie. As if he needed it explained to him. The article was dripping with a certain subtext.

Gwen granted that she does find Dimitri attractive — A HA! — and confessed that during the course of the interview, she realized just how much they had in common. She wouldn’t go as far as to say that they’re kindred spirits, but there definitely was a connection.

Still, Leo wouldn’t let up. He dinged Gwen for failing to mention Dimitri’s kidnapping of Kate, or his threatening to blow up half the Houses of Parliament in Europe or Salem itself for that matter — “that little spec on the map that we call home” — and nothing at all about the most significant crime committed, and that’s Dimitri’s manhandling of poor little ole him. Also, not a single hard question about his psychopathic mother.

Gwen suggested that Leo was jealous. Leo suggested that “Dastardly Dimitri” was playing her. Gwen categorically refused to believe that the charmer had some sort of “grand and sinful plan” until she did. But he seemed so genuine. And there was a definite attraction between them, an electricity. On the bright side, if they do become a couple, maybe Gwen can convince Dimitri that Leo isn’t the obnoxious, incredibly annoying person that he and everybody else on this planet seem to think he is.

Days of our Lives Recap: In The Drink

Over at the DiMera mansion, Kristen bid Dimitri come sit next to his auntie and tell her all about his meeting with Gwen. Did he propose marriage, or is he waiting for an actual date?

Dimitri pointedly questioned whether or not it bothered Kristen that he was deceiving a woman who was purportedly a good friend of hers, and Kristen admitted that she liked Gwen and admitted her smarts and savvy — however, she’s the one who got Gwen that pardon; it’s Gwen who owes her and not the other way around.

The topic of Megan’s machinations was broached, and Dimitri was put off by all the talk of amassing an army. For her part, Kristen copped to only playing along to get along. She had more important things to worry about, like convincing Sloan Petersen (Jessica Serfaty) to represent her in her upcoming fight for custody of Rachel (Finley Rose Slater).

Knowing that Sloan has a weakness for a certain rare vintage of champagne that the DiMeras just happen to have a couple of bottles of, Kristen headed down the secret passage to collect them and came upon a tied-up EJ!

Days of our Lives Recap: Megan Faces Harris Michael

Before she had time to free her brother from his restraints, Kristen was stymied by a gun-toting Megan who’d been tipped off by an unwitting Dimitri — who was on his way to make nice with his potential future wife.

days of our lives recap for june 15, 2023 has ej and kristen dimera tied up in the wine cellar.
Kristen DiMera was also captured by Megan.

Megan saw to it that Kristen joined EJ’s plight, then attempted to calm an anxious Nicole (Arianne Zucker) who’d begun to panic over EJ’s sudden absence.

The text message that the villainess fashioned did very little to soothe Nicole’s worry, a fact that Megan probably would have been made aware of had she not been confronted by a menacing Harris.

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